Both the WP and the NYT have big stories today about how it’s all Rudy’s fault. What do they do? Listen in on each other’s planning calls?


IMPEACHMENT:It’s all Rudy’s fault

The WP has the same story. Do they spy on each other?

The hearings today in Nadler’s committee is all about lawyers arguing

The witnesses need contributions to pay lawyers.

The IG report today

NYT Ed Board says Trump is demeaning Congress.

TRUMP:He’s mad at Fox for booking lib guests. Hey buddy, that’s not new.

Why doesn’t he blame the Saudis more?

POLITICS:Biden says if you elect him he won’t do it again.

Biden says staff didn’t warn him Hunter’s job was a conflict of interest.
MQ: “Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest. Nobody warned me about that,” Biden said. He added, “They should have told me.”
Warren made $1.9mil for corporate work over three decades. $60k per year. Meh.

Roger Stone might get a pardon.

TERROR:In the war in Afghanistan officials said progress. There was none and they knew it.

He was touchy about that mustache

IMMIGRATION:That nasty trump is still locking up families. Damn him.

CHINA:Yeah we’re locking up muslims. What’s the problem?

SJW:Bicycles vs. everybody in NYC

TV reporter standing in runner’s lane cries “assault” when slapped on the butt.

Oh they found the jogger and banned him forever.

Elaine complains SNL was drunk, drugged and sexist when she was there.

WTF:A defense of the $120 banana which got ate.

Tourists caught in volcano eruption in New Zealand. 5 dead. 23 more presumed.

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