Think of that when you see some poor reporter schlub standing in the snow (weather story) or in a mall (shopping story) or at the airport (travellers’ delays story). Take my word for it. They hate it.

the listlinks etc

LONDON ATTACK:NYT says don’t forget what victim stood for. How about not forgetting terrorist was released from prison by soft headed judge.

CHRISTMAS.It’s Cyber Monday. Is it really cheaper?
The biggest pain in the ass for reporters is holiday travel stories.

Christmas decorations featuring Auschiwitz? On Amazon? Holy crap.

TRUMP:Dems gnashing their teeth over “progressive” trade deal, gives Trump a win.
MQ: The deal presents a dilemma for Democrats because it contains measures they have supported for years, from requiring more of a car’s parts to be made in North America to rolling back a special system of arbitration for corporations and strengthening Mexican labor unions.
Ginsberg is out of the hosp. But what if there’s an election year SCOTUS battle?

Going off to make nice at NATO to get impeachment off his mind.

Just as a reminder of what real dictators do, Iran is cracking down. Brutally.
MQ: Iran is experiencing its deadliest political unrest since the Islamic Revolution 40 years ago, with at least 180 people killed — and possibly hundreds more — as angry protests have been smothered in a government crackdown of unbridled force.
Sheryl Atkisson’s 101 media lies/errors about Trump

IMPEACH:The Nadler Judiciary panel is back in the impeach spotlight.

Rejects chance for his lawyers to appear at judiciary hearings

Showing up would validate an already unfair process.

Obama’s strong arm wh lawyer thinks trump is founders’ worst nightmare

POLITICS:The Biden soundbite. Seriously. WTF?

Black voters might make Biden the nominee
MQ: Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. may lose the Iowa caucuses. But he is betting on strong support from black voters in Southern states and urban areas to help him accrue the 1,990 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

It might work.Kamala imploding

CHINA:Bars U.S. sailors from Hong Kong R&R

SJW:The latest white privelege in L.A.: shade.

Libs give themselves a medal for supporting free speech, tolerating a guy they hate.

DEEPSTATE:Lisa Page speaks out in Daily Beast. Just ahead of IG report. Huh.

WTF:Brit judge lets terrorist out of jail. He goes on stabbing spree.
Those social security scam calls? New way to report them.

At least 20 dead in battle between cartels and army just across border in Mexico

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