You can pretty much count on two things now: 1) the House will vote out articles of impeachment, and 2) the Senate will vote to acquit.

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MPEACH:Sondland gave the Dems something they can use.
Repubs try to muddy the evidence says NYT
MQ: Republicans’ tactics seemed geared to play to different audiences — independent voters, hard-core Trump supporters and the president himself. The approach underscored a political asymmetry about the proceedings: The Democrats are trying to paint a coherent picture, while Republicans need only muddy it — and they have lots of ways to do so.
Sondland implicates Trump  Pence Pompeo in his presumption of QPQ
MQ: Sondland came to Capitol Hill as perhaps the most anticipated witness of the Democrats’ inquiry — a longtime Republican donor and Trump loyalist whose shifting accounts made it unclear which side of the political aisle his testimony might benefit more. He said after the hearing that he intended to stay in his post. But nearly from the moment his testimony began, it was clear he was ready to cast aspersions not just on the president, but also on the highest-ranking officials in his government.
Sondland is Mr. Quid Pro Quo Two months into the investigation, Mr. Sondland’s account came as close as investigators have gotten to an admission from an official who dealt directly with Mr. Trump. But Mr. Sondland’s accounts have shifted since the committee first deposed him in October, opening him up to Republican criticism that he is not credible.
Repubs scrambling for a defense.
MQ: Administration officials immediately sought to emphasize that Sondland was relying in part on his own presumptions based on conversations with Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani — an argument echoed by GOP lawmakers later Wednesday — and that Trump himself never personally told Sondland about preconditioning $400 million in military aid to Ukraine or a coveted White House visit on the probes.
He seemed strangely happy
MQ: Throughout the morning, Mr. Sondland bore the appearance of a person who knew he was saving himself, as if he was no longer concerned with staying within the jagged loyalty matrix and “irregular channels” and omerta codes of Trump World.
Online outrage target Sondland’s hotels


POLITICS:The Dem Debate was another chance for Biden to fuck up.
MQ: He drew nervous laughter when, in discussing domestic violence, he said it was important to keep “punching at” the problem. And when he was boasting about receiving the support of the first African-American woman elected to the Senate, former Senator Carol Moseley Braun, he referred to her as the only black woman elected to the body rather than the first.That prompted a bemused response from Ms. Harris.“The other one is here,” she said.
Amy shaking

Dem debaters misstate facts with wild abandon

DNA test show Hunter fathered a kid in Arkansas.

the debate was forgettable

The Clinton foundation donations drying up now that there’s no influence to sell.

SJW:Prince Andrew fired by Mummy for banging the teenage girl.

Seriously. His mother fired him.

A student’s post on craig’s list ad slave for sale. He’s charged with hate crime.

An Arizona development won’t let you have a car.

WTF:Bailiffs bring loaded gun to court as evidence. Goes off, kills prosecutor

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