Sondland is going to be the Dems prize witness for impeachment.

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IMPEACH:Sondland testifies today. Dems expect him to give damning evidence.

Was there a QPQ? Yes.
MQ: “Was there a “quid pro quo?” Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union — a close Trump ally and GOP donor — plans to say in his opening remarks to impeachment investigators. “The answer is yes.”
It all comes down to Sondland, the one guy who can nail the President.
MQ: “The impeachment effort comes down to one guy, Ambassador Sondland,” said Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), who like many Republicans has argued that only a first-person account of Trump leveraging U.S. power for personal gain could give Democrats grounds to impeach. “All the other testimony has a Sondland core to it and a Sondland connection.”
Sondland kept Pompeo informed. Why wouldn’t he?

Vindland in  uniform. Even the NYT noticed. Rare that left cheers the uniform.
MQ: “Colonel Vindman, who still works at the White House as the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, testified in the House impeachment inquiry in his Army dress uniform, the ultimate witness power move.”
WP calls for a statue of Vindman, pigeons banned from roosting.
MQ: his striking presence in his serviceable eyeglasses and his military uniform exuded authority, ferocity and patriotism. 
Volker and Morrison also found call inappropriate. But not extortion or bribery.
MQ: It may be too early to fully know the effect the hearings are having on public opinion. Television ratings and opinion polls released in recent days suggest that public engagement has so far fallen short not only of hearings at the height of Watergate and the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, but of earlier blockbuster Trump-era congressional hearings. But it is harder to measure the reach of proceedings online and on social media.
Witnesses undercut Trump’s version of the phone call

WH cannibalizing itself. Current staffers testifying against the President.
MQ: “Nothing is the same anymore,” said Ari Fleischer, a White House press secretary for Mr. Bush. “Clearly, when the staff leaks presidential phone calls with foreign leaders the first week of the president’s job, the staff is not what the staff used to be. It taints everyone, even good and loyal staffers.”

TRUMP:Nikki Haley is all in for Trump
MQ: Her subsequent pivot can be seen as a recognition of the reality confronting anyone contemplating a future in today’s Republican Party — there is little future after distancing yourself from Mr. Trump.“It is Trump’s party today and, more likely than not, it will be Trump’s party 10 years from now,” said Kevin Madden, a political strategist and former adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. “Trump will cast a long shadow over the party’s profile and will be a litmus test for the party’s most active base voters for years to come.”

POLITICS:The Debate tonight is four vs everybody else.

Biden is coasting as Warren and Mayor Pete get front runner attention.

CALIFORNIA:Newsom orders no buy policy against carmakers who sided with Trump.

PG&E shrinks number who will get power cut off, but still half a million.

CHINA:Hey Hong Kong, we’re the boss.

SJW:Airman accused of spreading white nationalist propaganda.

Chasing down racists at Syracuse University

Chic Fil A surrenders

WTF:Don Lemon says I’m not some liberal Democrat.

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