The impeachment circus opens with bureaucrats upset that the President tried to actually run his foreign policy.

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IMPEACH:It’s Dems’ make or break moment many respects, the hearings are a simple public relations campaign. Democrats have already heard this week’s witnesses testify for hours privately; now they’re taking those stories to the televised world in hopes of captivating viewers and bringing voter sentiment behind the notion that Trump abused his power and should become just the third president in the country’s history to be impeached.
Hearings start today. NYT thinks this stuff will happen.
MQ:Four issues: Guiliani, Security Aid, July 25 call, firing Yovanovich
GOP and Dems push dueling messages on Impeachment.
MQ: The series of open hearings that begin Wednesday will be a pivotal test of lawmakers’ ability to sway public opinion for or against Trump’s impeachment in a polarized political environment where both parties are seeking to use the inquiry to their advantage heading into the 2020 presidential and congressional campaigns. It will also have the air of history — only presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton have been impeached by the House, and although neither was convicted by the Senate and removed from office, it was a defining episode of their presidencies.
5 Questions that need answers: for instance, was Trump behind it?
MQ: Did Trump himself order aid withheld to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political opponents? Or were some people in his administration acting of their own volition or their interpretation of what he wanted?
The NYT blames John Solomon for everything.
MQ: In his testimony, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, seemed alarmed at how quickly Mr. Solomon’s story was amplified by high-profile figures like Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Trump’s son. He testified that the entire thing “smelled really rotten.”
Rudy for the Defense
MQ: For Messrs. Trump and Zelensky to discuss these issues was not only proper but an exercise of Mr. Trump’s responsibility as U.S. president as expressed in Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution: “to take care that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed.” 
 WP fact checker story on “debunked” claims . He’s not allowed to change his own policy.
MQ: Trump, in ordering that military aid be paused, was acting against a policy developed within his administration and thwarting the will of Congress, which had approved the aid.
WP attacks Tucker for ignoring dumb boring impeachment

VDH on ten reasons why the impeachment is really a coup.
For Instance: it is certainly not a crime for a president to adopt his own foreign policy to fit particular countries nor to request of a foreign government with a history of corruption seeking US aid to ensure that it has not in the past colluded with prior US officials in suspicious activity.
Repubs stick with Trump at your Peril. It will come back to haunt you.
MQ: most Republicans do not face a high cost within their own party for defending Trump. But, in a country becoming younger and more diverse, there’s little chance even these internal GOP politics remain static. The isolationists of the 1930s had the popular position at the time, but had considerable explaining to do for years after. So did the McCarthy backers of the 1950s. So did the civil rights opponents of the 1960s.

TRUMP:SPLC is targeting Stephen Miller, accusing him of white nationalism.

Trump looking to lower your tax rate to 15%

TECH:Google will offer checking accounts.
MQ: Big tech companies see financial services as a way to get closer to users and glean valuable data. Apple Inc. introduced a credit card this summer. Inc. has talked to banks about offering checking accountsFacebook Inc. is working on a digital currency it hopes will upend global payments.
Nike will stop selling to Amazon.
MQ: Amazon’s website has come under greater scrutiny as the volume of products sold by third-party sellers has exploded. They accounted for 60% of physical merchandise sales on the site in 2018, up from 30% a decade ago. Amazon has made the process to list products so simple that counterfeiters have been exploiting the marketplace
POLITICS:It’s not the economy anymore, stupid. Polarized electorate doesn’t care.

Mayor Pete at top of Iowa poll

It’s Niki 2024

Hillary says she’s being urged by many many people to run

Disney warns viewers about it’s new streaming service.
MQ: Disney’s new streaming service warns fans that they may encounter “outdated cultural depictions” while watching some of its older content.
Disney will NEVER let you see Song of The South
However. Zipety Do Dah is on Youtube. 
Kaepernick set to work out with NFL teams.
MQ: The workout, which will be held in Atlanta, was organized by the league after conversations with Kaepernick’s representatives. It comes a month after Kaepernick’s agents publicly repeated his desire to play and reiterated that no team has worked him out. ESPN first reported Saturday’s scheduled workout. Teams that are unwilling or unable to attend will be able to receive a video of the session. It is unclear how many teams will attend.

WTF:Would 19 hours in the air make you crazy? Quantas NYC to Sydney
MQ: For Qantas, the new route will shave some three hours off the regular New York-Sydney route and eliminate the need to change planes in the hellhole that is Los Angeles International Airport. That in itself is cause for celebration. In the words of Alan Joyce, Qantas’s chief executive: “Those who come through L.A. know how much of a pain it is.”
17 year old gets double lung transplant. Vaping.

Minn Arby’s in trouble for “only well behaved children welcome”

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