Read this ink. Byron York’s deep dive into the Vindman transcript. Not pretty.

Byron York’s deep dive into Vindman testimony. Dems might not call him. too many to count. no paywall on Wash Ex…just read it.
State Department Bureaucrats say President’s policy in Ukraine was not U.S. policy. “I understood policy at the time, it was contrary, yes,” he testified on Oct. 30, according to a transcript of the interview released Monday evening by Democrats conducting the impeachment investigation. 
NYT’S overview of Trump and Ukraine.
MQ: is none. boring.
Internal WH tensions over impeach response.
MQ: Trump has complained about his legal team to White House officials and advisers in recent weeks, saying they need to be more aggressive and defend him more. Cipollone released a letter from Trump early last month saying the White House would not be cooperating with the impeachment inquiry. But a senior administration official said Cipollone since then has failed to do more to keep members of the administration in line.
Trump complains about Ukraine. WP complains about Trump
MQ: “Corruption is incredible in Ukraine, which bothered me a lot,” Trump told reporters early this month. “And it also bothered me very, very much that Germany, France and all of these other countries aren’t putting up money, but we’re always the sucker that does it.”

Neither claim holds up under close scrutiny.TRUMP:Sons in law explain Trump’s relationship with Turkey
MQ: Mr. Erdogan and Mr. Trump are hardly natural partners. Mr. Erdogan is a champion of political Islam who often argues that the West is in decline. Mr. Trump is a fierce nationalist who has often denigrated Muslim and especially political Islamists. Mr. Trump has closely allied himself with some of Mr. Erdogan’s greatest foes — including the rulers of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates as well as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

POLITICS:Deval Patrick may run. Biden’s Me and Barack schtick may be over.
MQ: He is close to former President Barack Obama, as well as some of his top advisers, and has previously discussed a potential White House bid with the president. Late last month, Mr. Patrick was with Mr. Obama for a meeting of the Obama Foundation in Chicago
Peter King leaving. Schumer praised. Ilhan Omar said “good riddance”.
MQ: “SERIOUSLY SCHUMER??,” wrote Peter Daou, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, about the tweet. He chastised Mr. Schumer for “fawning” over Mr. King and other Democratic leaders for “enabling” Republicans. “We need a new Democratic Party.”
The knives are out for little Mike.
MQ: “This is a Democratic Party today that’s getting more progressive, that wants to address the concerns of working people, that does not accept the status quo,” Mr. de Blasio said. “There’s no way in the world we should nominate a billionaire who epitomizes the status quo.”
Tillerson denies he tried to recruit Nikki Haley to go anti Trump

The left is super pissed Nikki Haley is sticking up for Trump
MQ it’s an opinion piece. There isn’t one.
Kam is now polling at 1%

CALIFORNIA;Newsom accuses Pg&E of corruption. It funded his rise in politics.
MQ: the money PG&E contributed to the campaigns of Newsom and other politicians could have been used to put power lines underground or clear brush that leads to wildfires, said David Pomerantz, executive director of the Energy and Policy Institute, a San Francisco-based utilities watchdog.
New SF DA will let homeless run wild


TECH:Google has a deal with owner of hospitals to analyze millions of health records.
MQ: The partnership between Google and the medical system, Ascension, could have huge reach. Ascension operates 150 hospitals in 20 states and the District of Columbia. Under the arrangement, the data of all Ascension patients could eventually be uploaded to Google’s cloud computing platform.

WTF:Wait! The Marlboro man just died at 90?
MQ is the lede: Robert C. Norris, a rancher who took the role of the Marlboro Man in television commercials for the cigarette brand but who abandoned the campaign because, as a nonsmoker, he felt he was setting a bad example for his children, died on Nov. 3 in Colorado Springs. He was 90.
Bolivia’s Morales quits, seeks asylum in Mexico

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