Trump, Impeachment, yeah I get to it all, but the power turned off for nearly a million people in California because the wind is blowing is a mind blowing story.

the list&links:

TRUMP:The Turks invade, Kurds die. Will they pull up at their proposed buffer zone?

Turks push deeper

The wheels come off when we do this. We’ll see.

Italy upset that Barr and Trump investigating Mifsud in Rome.

IMPEACHMENT:Impeached and re elected. What the Dem congress could do then? Nothing.

Kirakou says WB isn’t. He’s a deep source for House Democrats.

NYpost says NYT knows who the WB is, must id him because he worked with 2020 Dem

He’s acting as if he’s above the law WP says.

WSJ says he opens door to cooperation: you guys just vote on it, ok?

NYT columnist says House Dems should arrest Rudy

He turns to schoolyard taunts. Impeach me? Impeach you.

Repubs may abandon Trump over Syria.

That letter he sent Congress saying I’m not playing ball? That’s totally out of bounds.

Zelensky says there was no blackmail in call with Trump.

POLITICS:’Biden calls for impeachment, goes to war against Trump.

Biden campaign attacks NYT for running Schweizer column

Bernie says he misspoke when he said he’d be slowing down campaign

Lizzie vows to remake business. Business worried.

Lizzie didn’t lie about being fired for pregnancy and it’ s mean of you to say so.

George Conway is riding his wife’s coattails as he dumps on Trump

CALIFORNIA:It’s lights out across California

Bay area hit hard.

Fire weather: winds hit 55 to upper 70’s.

LA Times called it “huge humiliating crisis.”

Massive outage means new reality for California.

You shoulda gone solar.

Home energy production is the answer.

Newsom says it’s necessary.

Don’t blame PG&E. it’s everyone’s fault.

CLIMATE CHANGE:NYT maps vehicle emissions. Surprise! Most heavy in big metro areas. Duh

Amazon fires are a cattle problem

SJW:NBA preseason game in China. Players, coaches execs dead silent. Big cave.

China wants an apology. NBA too embarrassed to go that far.

China senses woke is weakness and doubles down. The kowtow is epidemic.

Hollywood caves to China shamelessly.

Except for South Park: Fuck China!

Apple removes an app that China wanted gone.

Trump thinking of getting heavier with China.

Iran breakthrough for women. They can go to soccer games.

#metoo violators get banned from the classroom

WTF:Twitter admits it gave phone numbers, email to advertisers

Robots will do gymnastics judging

Guy records himself killing a woman on a memory card. Loses it. Someone finds it.

Dodgers collapse in 10th. Nationals advance.

Blaming Clayton Kershaw.

Matt says it was a consensual affair. She ways he’s ‘victim shaming’.

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