Byron York at Washington Examiner reports story the big boys/girls In capital J journalism ignore or simply don’t have: the Intelligence Community Inspector General testified in closed door hearing that the Whistle Blower had “professional” connection to one of the 2020 Dem candidates. Since the WB is at the CIA I’m assuming the candidate is former VP Joe Biden. But it’s a guess.

the list&links:

IMPEACH;Whistleblower had professional relationship with 2020 Dem candidate.

NYT says WH official who heard call told WB it was crazy frightening

WH (Trump) tells Congress no cooperation till you vote. Dems: that’s obstruction.

Dems could be thwarted, but they think they’ve got him on the run.

Ukraine opened probe into Biden’s months before Trump’s call.

Expanding investigation of origins of Mueller probe

Peter Schweizer in NYT (!): the problem with Biden’s (and McConnell) is what’s legal.

Former officials jump in on Trump impeachment, he’s gotta go.

Sondland’s call preceded Trump/Zelensky call. WP trying to make something of this.

DiGenova says Dems committing regicide, WB is suicide bomber, and mentions sedition

Trey Gowdy signs on to help Trump in impeachment battle.

TRUMP:Turkey moves in.

Kurds in Syria says the Turks are coming

As Jake reported Mueller was after the FBI job an the Special Counsel job at same time.

As Jake reported Durham expanding investigation of CIA FBI activities into Trump

POLITICS:”Obviously I can beat him again” says Hillary

After heart attack Sanders will change the campaign. Slow down.

DiFI officially backs Biden over Senate colleague Kamala.

For young activists Biden’s climate change record is not enough.

FB refuses to take down Trump’s anti-Biden ad.

Senate panel “affirms” Kremlin tried to help DJT

SJW:Loudmouth lefty popovich supports NBA commish as he bows to China

NBA stands firm on Freedom of Speech, except for sucking up to China.

Western companies see China’s NBA slap as a warning.

Montgomery Al elects first black mayor

Tulsa searches for mass graves from 1921 race riot

Oh great. Smug SOB Jeff Daniels will play smug SOB James Comey in 4 part series.

Ronan Farrow book claims Matt Lauer raped staffer in Sochi hotel.

PUTIN:Secret Russian unit launches attacks to destabilize Europe

MIGRANTS:A million taken into custody last year.

WTF: PG&E to cut powerful 800k to prevent wildfires.

STD’s at record high says CDC

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