First thing is the list of not impeachment stories offered up by the Impeachment Obsessed media. Crap.

the list&links

IMPEACH:China should investigate he says

He’s self impeaching because he said china should investigate the Bidens
Trump’s “impeach me” strategy

No Zelensky meeting unless Ukraine opened probes
Trump diplos pushed Ukraine for Biden investigation.

The texts

Ukraine is going ahead with investigation of Burma

WP says it’s an audit

One diplo said ‘crazy’ to threaten to withhold aid

Another whistleblower on Trump’s tax issues with IRS

Conversation with flyover man

Doing the impeach head count of repubs in the senate

POLITICS:the baby eater at AOC event was a pro trump plant

Mayor Pete barnstorms NH with ‘homespun” virtue tour

Biden fundraising slows. $15mil

Biden at DiFi’s house in sf fundraiser doesn’t hit back at Trump.

Politico makes Biden look really old, and says that’s his big problem.

Dems oldsters get new scrutiny after Bernie’s heart problem.

Trump running anti biden ads in early voting primary states

Biden campaign warns fox not to  run trump ad

Trump winning the chyron war with Biden

Kamala struggles in her home state

NON IMPEACH:NYT: Hong Kong, Chicago Taxi drivers screwed, Basketball in India, Johnson&Johnson baby powder, 16 year old rapper, Iraq protests, Rick Perry, pope Francis., Pakistani rapist/killer, space X mars rocket, 36 hours in Boone NC
WP:  Climate change in Siberia, hong kong to ban masks, scotus takes up firing for being gay or trans, CNN won’t run trump ads, sports illustrated to lay off 40, photos from nyc bowery in ’70’s, Boris Johnson and Brexit something, guy sues other guy who banged his wife and won, 
WSJ: Juul valuation drops, BP ceo to retire, women shifting to higher paying college majors,

ECONOMY:136k jobs in september

Calif Wineries think a recession is coming so they’re cutting back on wine production.

TECH:Barr pushes for access to What’s App messages

Zuck defends being a millionaire.

WeWork ex ceo adam neumann is a freak. Co op boards in nyc said don’t even apply.

Zuck says traffic and housing costs holding up FB growth in Bay Area. Good. Get out.

WTF:The Eve Babitz revival. Huh?

Insurance tycoon hired PI’s to check up on women who caught his eye. Big trouble.

DeNiro shows up at Sharpton’s b’day bash

SF mayor seeking re election doesn’t deal with sidewalk homeless crisis


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