Adam Schiff told MSNBC on September 17 he and his committee staff had not heard from the Whistleblower in advance of the complaint filing. He lied. The WB had reached out to Schiff’s staff to forewarn of the complaint. Trump says Schiff probably wrote the complaint. He has a point.

the list&links:

IMPEACH:WB asked for advice from Schiff before filing. Schiff claimed he knew nothing. He lied.

Schiff said we have not had contact with the WB. A lie. Tik Tok of Impeachment day.

Trump freaks out in Oval newser. Was he really so out of line?
Dems, Trump brawl.
We’re not fooling around. Dems to subpoena WH. Trump telling them to fuck off and more.

Ukraine Prosector told to drop probe of Biden’s son’s company.

Trump dragged Pence into it. ‘not clear if he read transcript and found it unremarkable’.

Sleuths say use of ellipses in transcript indicate someone fooling with the verbatim.

Making a big deal of Pompeo saying no.

taly is ground zero for impeachment intrigue

Losing key voting blocks, like women?

MIGRANTS:How ICE picks its targets.

Trump is going to collect DNA on migrants and asylum seekers. The NYT disapproves.

His border plan: moat, alligators, bayonets.

SJW:Guyger gets ten years. Jean’s brother hugs her. Protests it wasn’t enough.

Police chief pissed after Tlaib demands only POC’s be allowed to use facial recognition.

POLITICS:Biden all upset, says I’m not going anywhere. Actually that’s true. He’s not.

Dem prez wannabes come out for paying the stay at home mom

Hey these old farts running for President. Anybody notice they are really old?

Recession panic over. But we can still gin up worry about the economy

CLIMATE CHANGE:Houston tried really hard and still got nailed again. So can anybody keep up with CC?

WTF:NYC bans cars on 14th St.

Buyer’s market in Manhattan. Average price only $1.3mil, lowest in five years. Yippee!

Manhattan home prices in “free fall”. Median under $1mil.

Fed judge approves opening injection site in Philly

Sergey  Brin gets married. If there is ever a divorce…