Corey Lewendowski went to Nadler’s committee. He was contentious, hostile, smart ass, but so were they.

The List&Links

TRUMP:Criticized for taking on Calif homeless crisis.

Says homeless hurt the prestige of SF and LA

Warns homelessness destroying SF. He’s right. SF is miffed.

Trump trying to break California’s lock on auto emission standards.
The world is evidently giving Iran a pass because Trump says they did it.

Iran warns of retaliation if U.S. strikes

But American investigators are gathering bomb and drone parts to ID Iran.

Iran hardliners think Trump will back down, giving them a free hand

Gets into pissing match with Lindsey over Iran response.

How U.S. and Saudis missed the incoming

POLITICS:Reublicans almost don’t exist in California

Warren’s crowds start to rival Trump’s

Big Dem Ed Buck charged after three guys die in his home

Corey v. Swalwell. Good fun.

WP tsk tsks Corey’s nastiness

Nadler and Pelosi fighting over impeachment

CHINA:Used twitter trolls to discredit hong kong protesters

TECH:Obama speaking this morning at invitation only tech company in SF

FB and Goog cozy up to publishers, which means paying them.

FB expands definition of terrorist org

FTC and DOJ pushed to be aggressive with Big Tech

MIGRANTS:Tent and shipping container courtrooms for asylum hearings

GUNS:Trump blames Beto for gun deal becoming harder.

WTF:New Mexico will make college free for residents

NYT whining about three “teens” killed when they tried to rob a Georgia man.

Sander Vanocur dies same day as Cokie Roberts

Mass shooting fashion

Snowden can write a book but DOJ wants the money

Warriors slowly slip away from Oakland. SF on the jerseys.

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