James Comey is already crowing on twitter he’s breen cleared. OK, Mr. Tall Guy, explain why the IG found you illegally leaked to advance a personal agenda and that you were “dangerous” to the integrity of law enforcement.

the list&LINKS

TRUMP:IG report on Comey.B’cast reports say reports say he did bad things. On memos he wrote on Trump. Comey’s characterization as personal records not lawful.


Lawrence O’Donnell: I’m full of shit about that Trump and Russian oligarch story.

Of course Trump tweets.

I don’t think the President has lied. Trump haters go volcanic.

Dems alarmed by reports of his promise to pardon

Attacks Fox. “isn’t working for us anymore.”

He better be careful. He needs Fox

Stocks rise on “hopes” for trade talks.

Trump going to Bay Area for fundraiser in Sept. Expect trouble.

POLITICS:Frisky Ilhan Omar’s love life may be ethics violation. All that campaign cash to lover boy.

NYT says ignore Monmouth. Biden is leading a three way race.

Joe promises absolute wall to keep out his relatives’ (sons) business dealings. Right.

Ten qualified, Dem debate will be one night

Dems complain they are getting cut out. Kristen drops out.

Joe’s defiant huggers

Hubby stealing, home wrecking Ilhan Omar decries hate. Someone threatened her.
Team Beto ejects Breitbart reporter Pollak. Justifies with attack on Breitbart.

Tom Steyer flopped to the tune of many millions

CLIMATE CHANGE:Greta arrives in NYC by sailboat for U.N. climate change meeting.

Trump EPA to roll back methane rules

Fires everywhere! “Probably wouldn’t be happening” scientist says. Probably.

Marriott dumping tiny shampoo bottles

SJW:WP continues it’s national guilt trip on slavery. Five things not taught, but should.

Now Jackie Kennedy was a racist because she used the word “colored”. Buried. No wasn’t.

WSJ columnist says 1619 Project of NYT wallows in victimhood and hurts blacks.

DIVIDED:NYT says let’s all get together. Odd coming from the very paper causing so much division

MIGRANTS:Border Patrol guy hits migrant in face. Fired etc. Big NYT story. Huh?

Changing some citizenship rules. People will be upset.

BRITAIN:Never say much about Boris, but he certainly did it this time.

The ruthless BoJo

IRAN:The U.S. had a secret cyber weapon to use against Iran. Until now. Not secret anymore.

Israel Iran shadow war

ENVIROSI remember when Chevron was shut out of California and went overseas. Look at this.

WTF:Another think piece about Taylor Swift’s new LP? Oh sorry. They don’t even bother writing. Podcast.

Dogs bark. It’s a problem

Whoring saved me from poverty. Wait. I take that back. It was sex work. Different.

Amazon kept a burn book of lists of insults by NYC pols

Siri was recording you having sex. Apple let people hear it. Now Apple says Sorry. Our bad.

SF based clothing rental company buying lord and taylor for $100mil

I’m old. I covered the war over Diablo Canyon nuke plant opening. Now it’s closing.

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