Jeffrey Epstein appears to be causing more trouble dead than alive. Bureau of Prisons trying to explain why no one was watching when he was on suicide watch. Short staff, overworked. He was alone for hours. Online ain’t buying it.

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EL PASO:Hey turns out conservative media stars made him do it.

Armed civilians in Washington state kill a gunman at Walmart

Armed man at a Walmart said he was testing his 2nd A rights.

TRUMP:What makes him really mad? Calling him racist.

If you thought all along that Scaramucci was an ass, you were right.

POLITICS:What we learned from the Iowa State fair.

Biden: I will ban assault weapons.

Biden’s gaffes worry Dems he may not be up to going against Trump.

After El Paso will voters reconsider Beto? He sure as hell hopes so.

WP columnist reminds Trump haters that trying to shame Trump supporters invites backlash.

EPSTEIN:Conspiracy theories fly online.

Trump retweeted the Clintons did it. The media went apeshit.

People went crazy.

Well, actually, he wasn’t closely monitored.

His guards were working “extreme” OT

WP says he was alone for hours

His cellmate mysteriously transferred out.

Journos rush to debunk conspiracy theories

Now his girlfriend Maxwell is in the hot seat.

That Epstein case? It ain’t over

Where did his money come from? And did he really have that much?

MIGRANTS:ICE sweeps are cruel. Why do we enforce the law anyway?

RUSSIA:Evidently they had a nuclear accident with a new nuclear missile.

SJW:Sausalito California–Sausalito!!!–caught segregating schools.

WTF:Sex ads inundate the subways

British police warn trolls mocking suspect’s receding hair could be arrested.

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