THE EPSTEIN STORY gets bigger and bigger. Victim sits down with the Today Show. Friends of Epstein scrambling to distance. Officials who went easy on him trying to claim they did the right thing. Ugly.


TRUMP:HIs great guy praise for Epstein revived by NYT

Strip club hosts tourney at Trump Fla resort.

Judge rules Trump can’t block Twitter followers who are trolling him on his own account.

Britain’s ambassador to U.S. resigns. Leaked cables about Trump did him in.

Yesterday’s Perot supporters are today’s Trump’s base.

POLITICS:Biden makes $15mil in two years. Cashin’ in.

Embattled Biden ditches Rose Garden strategy

Tensions erupt between Pelosi and AOC’s “squad”.

NYT guys says Biden is a closet Repub.
“Biden, in contrast, is trying to get Democrats to do something that Republicans have more practice at: choose a nominee who’s due over one who’s new.”
Steyer isn’t going to get away with pretending he isn’t a billionaire.

MIGRANTS:Border arrests drop. Mexico’s efforts working.

Judge says no to DOJ changing lawyers on the census citizenship question case.

Now all those kids have to go to school.

SJW:Don’t make the mistake of thinking that world cup win is about sports. Bigger. Much bigger.

He called the cops on a black man. He was vilified. He explained his father was murdered. He still had to apologize. Because you can’t call the cops on a black man.

Flight Shame pushed by an airline. In Europe, maybe. No way in the U.S.

TECH:SF Chron discovers shit on the street, needles and homeless aren’t everywhere. Duh.

NYT says those creeps in Palo Alto are ruining the world.

Social Media Summit at WH likely will target big tech.

Woz says get off FB. It can’t be fixed.

Email tracking scandal proves tech companies tend to lie when they say they’ll fix it.

Endless TV is upon us, like it or not.

The new streaming tv services are spending huge to get a toe hold.Social Media Summit at WH likely will target big tech.

#METOO:Labor secty under pressure to resign

Acosta defends himself

New York DA under scrutiny for Epstein deal

Epstein’s opulent life.

The Miami reporter who brought him down.

WTF:Big French telecom harasses employees to quit. Instead they kill themselves. 35 so far.

It’s fish. But it’s not. Still, you’ll be eating this fish.

New York is the New Hollywood. Thank DiNero.

Hey who’s fucking around with that damn baseball?

Why don’t you lose weight when you exercise? You’re still eating a ton.

Ross Perot dies.

Forget that blazer. It’s the chore coat now.

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