I swear the NYT is on a Trump strike. Hardly any Trump news, or rather the stuff they call Trump news, which is mostly bitching about him.

The big thing is Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire who has been convicted once for sex trafficking underage girls, and has been arrested for it again.

TRUMP:CNN goes big on Trump bashing the UK ambassador for dissing him.

Something about O’care and Trump

Hey how did he get into Wharton, anyway? He said he was super genius. Was he?

Pissed off at Fox

Trump tried to get drug prices into TV ads. Courts said no.

POLITICS:Why America is ignoring Kristen Gillebrand

Kamala is getting grief about being called African American. By liberal blacks, ADOS.

Mitch to be challenged by former Marine fighter pilot amy mcgrath.

Swalwell is out. Turns out that’s not very big news.

Nancy in trouble for dissing the four super libs. They’re four people and that’s how many votes they got.

AOC group targets moderates.

#METOO:Lewd pics of underage girls discovered at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion after his arrest.

Hundreds of photos

James Patterson says Epstein will get “his just desserts”

Secty of Labor Alexander Acosta in deep shit for letting Epstein off the hook 11 yrs ago.

WP says, yeah it’s the guy in the Trump cabinet.

Bill Clinton issues statement. “I know nothing.”

Trump said he was a terrific guy who liked younger girls. Uh oh.

Epstein’s home. Seven stories, 21k SF, and a heated sidewalk.

How Trump is involved. (It’s a stretch)

It’s all about one word. globally. The deal covered everything ever.

SJW:White kids begs dad to not call cops on black man. You’ll be the next guy on tv.

Women’s soccer is evidently about equal pay.

The Chicago Defender prints last copy.

SF’s homeless rose 30% in two years

MIGRANTS”Barr says they’re still working on the citizenship Census question.

MUELLER:Barr says Dems bringing Mueller to testify to create public spectacle.

THE MOON:Apollo11 anniversary almost here.

CLIMATE CHANGE:Newport RI figuring how to save colonial era homes from rising seas.

WTF:A high school principal in Fla fired for saying he could not say the holocaust was fact.

Kohl’s plan to bring in customers is to offer to pack and send Amazon returns.

Lick Blue Bell ice cream, go to jail.

LA pissed the quake warning system didn’t work. Spoiler alert: it will never work.

Justin Verlandet says MLB is juicing the ball. Huge HR numbers.

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