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One of the podcast listeners wanted me to post a picture of me smiling. So there it is.

While both Repubs and Dems gripe about Trump’s Mexico threat, WashPost admits it was a breakthrough and Mexico caved to Trump demands.

So there.


TRUMP:WashPost says yup, the Mexico deal was a breakthrough. No doubt about it.
NYT gasps he thinks he beat Mexico, now he’s juiced up to beat China.

China says it will starve U.S. of rare earth. But that could backfire.

He will weaponize impeachment by doing his usual. Attack. Never give an inch. Insult.


Pelosi and Nadler “clash” over impeachment says Politico

Trump headed to Iowa where tariffs have hurt farmers bad.

John Dean says Trump is worse than Watergate. Repeating a charge against other Prez’s.

The Divided States of America: all but one state legislature is controlled by one party.

AZ up for grabs.

Desperate Beto: Elect me and I’ll prosecute Trump.


Large and small companies are hurrying to regulators to control Big Tech

Uh oh. FB’s Zuck reached out to Nancy. She has not called back.

New Tech at Stanford makes it possible for anybody to say anything you like. Like in lies.

Amazon defeated by Grubhub and Uber Eats.

WSJ doesn’t like the Gibson Chat app, Discord.

NYC’s rich millennials flee the city.


Netflix’s Central Park Five story is bullshit. Linda Fairstein speaks out.

Feinstein calls for races at Santa Anita to be suspended immediately

NYT halts all political cartoons. Because anti semitism.


Five NBC stars will moderate the first Dem debate. Five.

Don’t think you can do history unless you are a trained historian. Cokie and Naomie.

Universal studios fire burned up everybody’s music.

Sex scenes disappearing from movies. Happy now Ms #metoo?

Kim Jung Un’s half brother–the murdered one–was a CIA source.

SF is not rotting from Millennial Tech Bro’s says SF Chron writer.

Hey dipshit,SF is a mess and everyone but you knows it.

Big Papa flown to Boston for med care after getting shot in DR. Maybe a hit man.

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