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THE left and the media can’t stand it when Trump wins, mainly because they kept saying it wouldn’t work when he was in the fight. So they make up things that are wrong with the deal. That’s happening all over again with the Mexico/migrant issue.


MIGRANTS:NYT scoffs at Trump Mexico deal. In the works for months. OK, why wasn’t it in effect?

Trump defends deal with Mexico that critics say won’t work. All they do is bitch.
Mexico wearies of U.S. tactics. Hey we’re damned tired of their bs too.
Doctors complain BP watches sick migrants like hawks.

Central American migrants head to Europe.

Trump’s bullying won’t fix the migrant crisis. So just give up America

California gives health coverage to undox’d young adults

POLITICS:Biden’s high risk strategy: ignoring the lefties and pretending the Dem party isn’t different.

Elizabeth Warren has so many ideas!–and-give-her-new-momentum/2019/06/09/f07c7984-87d1-11e9-98c1-e945ae5db8fb_story.html?utm_term=.e596d5c5f3cc

Mobilizing rural black voters

19 Dem wannabes showed up in Iowa this weekend.

How old should a President be? Dems across the age scale.

For many Dems the impeachment question is what will my grandkids think.

TRUMP:Trying to figure out if Dowd’s voice mail to Flynn was at Trump’s request.

Trying to figure out Bill Barr. Is he actually taking action that might hurt Trump?

Trump calls John Dean a sleaze bag. Dean will testify before Congress on Mueller report.

NOT NEWS:How safe is sunscreen?

NYT special on ferry accident in SK five years ago that killed 250 kids. Could happen again?

Vampire birds have fascinating inner life.

How many shades of white are there? I have to paint my place and I’m so confused.

GUNS:Parkland arrest of cop raises question should cowardice be criminalized?

Red Sox star David Oritiz shot. In the Dominican Republic.

WTF:16k people in L.A. live in cars, vans, RV’s.

In L.A. bathrooms for the homeless will cost $300k per

In Alabama rapists have child custody rights. WP is pissed.–where-lawmakers-banned-abortion-for-rape-victims–rapists-parental-rights-are-protected/2019/06/09/6d2aa5de-831b-11e9-933d-7501070ee669_story.html?utm_term=.3901df60b8c0

PG&E makes good on promise to cut power to avoid wildfires.

James Arness dies at 88.

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