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The above picture is me and Angry Rich. He got caught in the big storm the other day, the one throwing off those tornadoes. He will tell his adventure in an interview later today, which I will then post as a podcast. If all goes well.

TRUMP changes the subject in an instant…again.

This time threatening tariffs on Mexico if they don’t stop those migrants caravanning through their country. So get on it Mr. Presidente.

Of course the markets go wobbly. Because that’s what they do.


TRUMP:Barr CBS interview: I didn’t agree with Mueller’s legal analysis.
Tariff on Mexico if it doesn’t stop illegals.

Trump accuses Mueller of personal vendetta as calls for impeachment grow.

Pelosi tells Kimmel she’s done talking about Trump

Black voters challenge office holders: why is Trump not gone?

Mueller has to come testify to Congress on live tv because…people don’t read.

WH worked to keep USS John S McCain out of sight during Trump visit. Picture of the tarp.

NOKO:Little Kim sends more aides to the dogs

TECH:Uber since the IPO. Bill$ loss.

POLITICS:Dems coming to SF for Calif Dem convention, bringing Big Tech attacks.

Kristen Gillebrand is getting nowhere. Why?

Kamala ain’t doing so good either. Dazzling debut. Big fall from top rungs.

Repub gerrymander expert dies. Daughter hates him. Reveals his files. Shows census question plot.

Dems split on whether to work with Repubs or go to war against them.–or-wage-war-against-them/2019/05/30/3ae7f3f8-825b-11e9-933d-7501070ee669_story.html?utm_term=.3a0d2956ae41

SJW:You can have an affair at work if you are two women. That’s fine. No man involved.

Dad beats JP Morgan is parental leave case.

Jury imposes death penalty on guy who ambushed police officers. Calif gov has ruled it out.

WTF:Here’s an idea. How about the University of California let in more Californians?

Claus Von Bulow dies. You have to be a certain age.

National spelling bee crowns 8 co champions. Unspoken question: why indians?

LA Times says yeah, why so many indian americas?

Storm chasers in KS get caught by a tornado no one saw coming.

The New Yorker in a bind. Story it took from Japan’s NHK turns out to be phony. Uh Oh.

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