Morning Digestion – 5-30-19: TRUMP: IMPEACHMENT IS A DIRTY, FILTHY WORD.

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For those who listened to the podcast yesterday, yeah we were on tornado watch. Got huge dump of rain, but any tornadoes hiding in the rain missed us.

Trump again declared his complete exoneration. Dems vehemently disagree, impeachment proceedings seem extremely likely. Nancy skeptical unless Republican Senators turn against him en masse, which is unlikely.

You know that #metoo stuff? Well, that only counts against men. Women can be as lusty and promiscuous as they like, as Elizabeth Gilbert testifies in the NYT and a woman author writes in a new book about going out to bed men.


HEALTH:NYT big expose on children’s hosp of NC. Kids dying of weird complications.

MUELLER:His statement highlights a split with Barr

Mueller says over to you Congress.

Robert DeNiro is mad

Dems want him to testify and don’t care he doesn’t want to

DC couldn’t make up its mind on what he said, exactly.

Hey you know that DOJ rule on charging a President has never been tested.

NYT columnist: Dems do your damned duty.

TRUMP:Says Impeach is a dirty disgusting word. The whole thing is a scam, a giant presidential harassment. I hope it goes down as my greatest achievement. I’ve exposed corruption like nobody knew existed. Russia would rather have Hillary. I’ve been tougher than anybody.
They still want him to apologize for Central Park Five

Sailors from the John McCain destroyer not allowed to see Trump speak in Japan.

Somebody tried to cover up the name John S. McCain to avoid provoking DJT.

Iranians were using fast boats to lay down mines, which tankers would hit.

Russia probably carrying out banned nuke tests.

POLITICS:Bernie’s problem. Not fresh anymore. People are tired of old white men.

Politico says Bernie’s problem is connecting with older Dem voters.

Lizzie’s plans rely on massive wealth tax that the rich will be able to avoid.

MILLENIALS:Wahhh! We’re not having babies because of debt. It’s your fault not ours. Children come with big expenses and no income. seriously.

SJW:Mickey Mouse is so dedicated to aborting babies, no filming in Ga if law goes thru.

John Cleese bashed by diversity Brits for saying London isn’t English anymore.

Louisiana moves to ban abortion after heartbeat detected. Six weeks.

Women have taken over the business of bragging about sex…like men. Men don’t dare.–five-to-be-exact/2019/05/29/c0df94a2-8229-11e9-95a9-e2c830afe24f_story.html?utm_term=.7d544d034708

TECH:Nancy still mad that FB won’t take down the phony video that made her look drunk.

Pot delivery in SF/BayArea lays off 136

WTF:Iraq sentences 7 French ISIS fighters to death.

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