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Picture is from a while ago when I was without the mustache. I’m going to have to shave it off next week to do a commercial. It’s on camera and the client doesn’t like the ‘stache. So here’s the question: should I grow it back? A listener writes today that I look twenty years younger without the ‘stache. Is that true? Anyway the commercial is for some Medicare deal, so maybe they’d be better off with me looking old.

NYT admits that Trump is beating the Dems at their investigation game. Piece describes Dems’ frustration as he thwarts their efforts to keep the Russia collusion delusion alive. Sad horns.

Also, the NYT does a couple pieces laying out how China is getting its ass kicked in the trade war with Trump. Reality bites.


TRUMP:Frustrated House members pin their hopes on Muller testimony.

He tells Pentagon chief he does not want war with Iran

He puts off auto and auto parts tariffs for six months

Trump’s trade war puts a big dent in China’s influence on Wall St and in Congress.

The China trade war is all about technology transfers.

Xi blew it when he pulled the switcheroo on Trump

Farmers afraid the aid package will shortchange them

Trump is fine with Mayor Pete’s gay marriage. “It’s good.”

POLITICS:Biden’s surprising strength, can anybody stop him?

SJW:Social Justice Warriors are openly laying claim to the civil war.

IMMIGRATION:His immigration plan–endorsed by WP ed board–no chance to pass but all about 2020

Trump rule: no public housing for undocumented. Uh oh.

He keeps changing what he wants the wall to look like.

Plans to release migrants into Dem strongholds.

WTF:Avenatti asked for a public defender. Judge said no. Prove you’re broke.

Jeff Koons’ rabbit and the exclusive club of billionaires called art.

Art is a billionaire game because of this guy.

Ebola is back big time in the Congo.

Bradley Manning, posing as a woman, sent to jail again. May he stay long.

Grumpy Cat has died. Tardar Sauce was the real name.

f-16 crashes into so cal building. no one hurt. weird.

Homeless population up 17% in SF

They’re finally putting a net on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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