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That’s me and son Jake. He’s in El Salvador with Bill Hemmer, where they are interviewing AG Bill Barr today. It will be on Hemmer’s 9a ET hour tomorrow. Check it out. Bet Barr makes some news.

So now the WP is reporting it’s Bolton who wants to attack Iran, not Trump, and Trump is “frustrated” with his aides (Bolton).

It is revenge time in our society. Stories abound of men (usually men) who are fired or denied promotion, or thwarted as they move up because of things they said or wrote ten years ago, or more. Things that were fairly common points of discussion at the time. Such as, are hate crimes legit crimes? Isn’t an assault an assault whatever the victim’s skin color is? If you argued that ten years ago–and many did–watch out! The revenge activists are out to get you.


TRUMP:The Iran alarm set off by spy photos of missiles on small boats.

Actually he doesn’t want to attack Iran

His tariffs began in the ’80’s with Japan

He says no to Chinese telecom equipment

Barr says he’s not blocking Mueller testifying to Congress.

POLITICS:DeBlasio running for President. J.O.K.E.

Even the most impeachment hungry house members following nancy’s advice: don’t.

Kam and her team fuming over veep talk

Progs still think they can bring Biden down.

IMMIGRATION:Trump’s new plan emphasizes skills over family ties.

ABORTION:States rushing to restrict or protect

SCOTUS not anxious to overturn Roe

TECH:How Uber flopped.

Now these geniuses want voting by phone.

BOEING:Trump officials blame foreign pilots. I think they’re right.

SJW:Fired because he wrote things a decade ago that were fairly common discussions.

SAT announces it will give an “adversity” score.

College writings almost stopped 9th circuit judge.

WTF:SF is so expensive some people live on boats.

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