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Behind me at the top, my framed copy of my 1973 record of the missing 18 minutes. A nearly successful hoax.

Trump WH strategy appears to be, “go ahead, impeach me, dare you.” And the Dems might fall for it.

Also Comey says Trump will be indicted when he’s no longer President. Comey will be cheering the proceedings from his cell.

AOC and Bernie going after the credit card companies for high interest rates, want cap at 15%. This is an attack on the Senator from Credit Card, Joe Biden. Plus it’s not a bad idea at all.


TRUMP:Comey tells Anderson Trump will be indicted after presidency. They can share a cell.
Go ahead. Impeach me. I dare you.

Schiff says he could fine $25k a day if people don’t comply with subpoenas

Congress could lose big in the exec priv fight with Trump.

Raises tariffs, talks continue

Investors bet a deal will be made.

Revenge of the coastal elites. Tim Egan.

Hey is ok with you that Mueller testifies? It’s up to Barr.

Rudy to Ukraine to push investigations into launch of Mueller probe and Biden.

Don Jr. subpoena sets off republican fight

Why Burr called Don Jr.

Trump says Kerry should be prosecuted for butting into Iran situation.

POLITICS:Trump predicts it will be Biden.

Dems set tie breaking rules in case more than 20 qualify for debates.

AOC and Bernie go after credit card companies (Biden), set interest at 15%

Beto’s long history of failing upward

TECH:Uber goes public today, $45per share.

SF set to impose IPO tax on stock compensation sales

Uber plans to be transport giant

Twitter cans 160k accounts for terrorism content.

France going after social media giants over hateful content

It’s called the flying Ginsu. The hellfire missile that doesn’t explode, but does kill.

SJW:Red Sox players who showed up at WH? All white.

SF Dem under fire for repeated use of n word

WTF:Bradley Manning, posing as a woman still, released from jail but will go back.

Weak pot sales dent Calif budget

Scamming woman sentenced to 12 yrs in prison

Can art museums police themselves

THE AVACADO TOAST GENERATION:What they care about. NYT disses a drink. Social Media debate ensues.

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