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Above: contemplating shaving.

While Nadler claims a constitutional crisis is underway, the NYT sneaks in the real story: Dems are frustrated they can’t corral Trump, he keeps beating them at every turn with a simple “no.”

NOKO fires short range missiles. US fires ICBM into Pacific. US says “not a response.” OK, right.


TRUMP:Dems frustrated as they try to corral Trump. Isn’t working.

It’s a constitutional crisis! A constitutional showdown! It’s a load of crap.

Senate GOP judiciary committee calls Don Jr. Mulvaney says bad form.

Art of the Deal co author calls for book to be pulled, re released as fiction.

In China talks, Trump talks tough.

China misjudging Trump. Thought he’d cave.

China could match tariffs but it would hurt. Bad.

Noko firing missiles again.

U.S. fires missile immediately. Not a response they say. Sure.

Libs grapple with the Trump economic boom

Lib media types admit griping about the economy won’t work.

POLITICS:Mayor Pete peeling off Kam’s LGBTQ support in Calif.

Four hopefuls–biden sanders harris lizzie–dominate Dem media coverage

Biden works LA for cash

TECH:Secret U.S. hellfire missile kills terrorists, saves bystanders.

Co founder of FB says break it up.

Swatting attacks rise in Silicon Valley. Resentment of tech kings.

Freshly minted millionaire techies stampede out of California to Texas

The Uber IPO and how it compares to dot com bubble.

SJW:BBC host fired for racist tweet. And it really was racist. He might have been drunk.

WTF:Denver votes to legalize magic mushrooms. That legal pot really has taken hold.

California Today is the NYT’s way of informing its east coast readers of the west coast colony.

Billy Bush gets to come back to tv. It took three years.

A thousand guns seized at a Bel Air mansion.

Anti Vax idiot gets chickenpox

Robert Kennedy Jr. condemned by his siblings for his anti Vax campaigns

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