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Despite the headline, I think the best story of the day is the WH plot to send catch&release migrants to Sanctuary Cities. Perfect justice. But of course the sanctuary cities don’t want the migrants. They want them to go bother you wherever you live, not where they live.

Ilhan Omar is a menace. She obviously thinks the 9/11 terrorists were just some guys who did something–because that’s what she said. Now the NY Post is the enemy because it ran a front page picture of the twin towers exploding and said “here’s your something”, reminding everyone of what a lowlife Omar is. Can’t do that in this new world. That’s racist.


IMMIGRATION:NYT pissed to find out WH thought about releasing migrant in sanctuary cities.

TRUMP:Bill Barr finds himself the enemy

Barr brings accountability and Trump’s tormentors are scared.

The Russians were targeting Bernie Bros too–and-help-elect-trump/2019/04/11/741d7308-5576-11e9-8ef3-fbd41a2ce4d5_story.html?utm_term=.c8d1648936c7

Poor Ivanka. Her father thinks she’s smart. To Dems that mean’s she’s worthless.

Politico reminds Dems to get Trump’s tax returns they must have a good reason. They don’t.

POLITICS:Dems choose sides. They rush to Omar’s aid after she exposes herself.

The Dems tax plan–we give you money!

Dems need a plan to combat nationalism. Good luck with that.

Libs go nuts over the NYPost front page reacting to Omar’s ‘some people did something’

MEDIA;Assange a journo or a spy?Beats me. Something about him I don’t like.

They hyped him as a presidential candidate. Now he’s been exposed as a shitbag crook.

Avenatti is a scumbag

Avenatti on cable tv 254 times in one year of 365 days.

SJW:Your lawn is killing the planet.

Reparations because “historical grievances abound.”

Four shot, one dead at Nipsey Hussel funeral procession.

TECH:UIber files for its IPO

SF braces for the new millionaires.

Actually Amazon is listening to you through your Alexa, you dumb fuck

6 Replies to “Morning Digestion – 4-12-19: BARR FINDS HIMSELF PUBLIC ENEMY #1 FOR CALLING SPYING…SPYING.

  1. The sanctuary cities admit they don’t want the illegals? I’m actually surprised to hear that. Have they reached the limits of their craziness? Could be a good sign.

    1. It’s always what you should give up for the “common good” not what the left has to give up. The burden should always be carried by the poor not the woke elites in Hollywood.

  2. Illegals in sanctuary cities and states – Works for me!

    If Assange can help take down Obama, Hillary and other socialist progressives then I’ll wear gloves and take a shower later.

  3. The problem is once they are in the US they can go anywhere…and you are forced by court order to treat them in Emergency Rooms and give their kids free public schooling, etc.,

    So even cities that so-called ‘want’ these illegals immigrants have to be stopped from letting them in…because it impacts everyone…

    Although I love how Gov. Newsome of CA (hope I spelled the name right) is making every county provide low and moderate income housing in their area…it’s about time these virtue signalers got a taste of what middle and working class neighborhoods have had to put up with for the last 20 or so years…

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