The Left/Media propaganda consortium spent the last couple months screeching that Trump was inventing a phony crisis on the border. Seventeen thousand immigrants released on OR into the country in the last 12 days, thousands more still being processed behind chain link fences because the CBP has maxed facilities, and still they keep coming. So now the Left/Media consortium says ok, yeah that’s bad, but a let’s try a new take: things are really bad in Honduras and people are getting killed by corrupt cops and bad boyfriends so we SHOULD let them in.

It’s enough to make your head spin. Maybe the solution we’ll next hear is: just annex everything between our southern border with Mexico all the way to the Panama Canal.

Dems would then have enough voters to rule forever!

The List&Links:

17k immigrants released in 12 days
Hondurans have a right to come because it’s really bad.
Kim Foxx told to resign over Smollet decision
No slavery was not the reason for the electoral college.
NYT loves Natchez because…it voted against secession and you never see Confed flags.
Interesting. Chris Darden defending Nipsey Hustle’s killer
33yr vet NC women’s b’ball coach learns you can’t say “noose”.
Hit for taking jab at Biden
Backs off threat to close bordeer
Tucker asks–what if Trump is trying to sink his own reelection?
Again, the Trump hating media is hoping “potentially damaging info” in Mueller report.
Kim Strassel swings a bat at NYT and WP for floating the “insiders are upset” story.
They want his tax returns. He says no. They try to figure a way to ignore him.
Wants to name Herman Cain to fed. Go ahead. Laugh.
Biden slow roasted over a #metoo fire.
Dem candidates and where they are already campaigning
Mayor Pete learns the hard way you can’t say “all lives matter”.
Pelosi–no medicare for all. Let’s just expand O’care.
Bezos pulls of the impossible. His divorce gives him voting rights on wife’s shares.
WP very very careful with Bezos story.
Interesting very long read on Rupert and the boys
Prison time for the Hollywood stars who bribed they kids into college
NYC has enacted congestion taxes. Now everybody wants an exemption.
Harvard coach got twice asking price for his house. Buyer got his kid in Harvard.
Man arrested after being evicted and leaving his pet fish behind.

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5 Replies to “Morning Digestion – 4-5-19: 17,000 IMMIGRANTS RELEASED INTO COUNTRY IN LAST 12 DAYS. THE LEFT JUST LOVES IT.

  1. Yes remember the good old days when you just invaded countries like this and made them a colony or protectorate…at least you got to make the laws and pick their leaders.

    The way it is now the US has no say in the governance of these countries yet they are such a mess that hundreds of thousands of their citizens feel the need to escape and come here…

    I think we might have to go back to the good old days and take charge to these countries again as they are becoming a complete mess. Otherwise we will have another Haiti type mess on our hands from the Mexican Southern Border all the way to Columbia…

  2. I think Ollie North was right to support a military dictatorship of these countries back in Ronald Reagan’s day. I think those countries have gone completely downhill since we withdrew our support of their military and let the people have their “free and fair elections…Clearly they have elected a bunch of incompetents and idiots to office. They fought like the devil to get rid of American influence and now that they are ‘free’ of it all their citizens just pack up en masse and move to America…Actually I read that about 80% of El Salvador has moved to the US…

    It’s completely ridiculous!

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