Dems are ecstatic that Trump is trying to overturn Obamacare. Evidently they think it’s gets them off the Russia collusion hook. I have my doubts. Obamacare may be in the back of some peoples’ minds, those who think it’s good. Others are still burdened by the costs. I’m not sure how this cuts, whether it hurts Trump’s Repubs or helps. I know personally I’m still pissed off about the exorbitant costs of coverage in the individual market. Total ripoff. One thing I do know: getting rid of coverage for pre-existing conditions is going to be a problem, and Trump ought to be careful of that.

MSNBC hasn’t given up on collusion. Maddow doubling down. Tilting windmills. It’s a bitch to be wrong.


Going after Obamacare is a gift to Dems say Dems
Obama Pelosi caution Dems to move on.
Comey says he’s confused by Mueller’s position on obstruction.
The No Collusion rally in NYC
Barr sets schedule for release of big part of the report.
If Mueller didn’t investigate the Steele Dossier it wasn’t a real investigation.
Holman Jenkins
Schiff doubles down
Maddow refuses to believe Barr.
Rand says time to investigate Obama officials (Comey, Clapper, Brennan et al)
He shattered norms and he’s getting away with it, whines NYT
Biden attacks “white man’s culture”
The left’s far out ideas.
Ukrainians tried to help Hillary by exposing Manafort
Mayor Pete’s star rising.
Mayor Pete wants to broker peace between gays and Chic Fil A
Europe just made Google et al get licenses for content created by others.
Silicon Valley’s rich and unhappy are turning to Cicero and Stoicism
AOC flips out when GND criticized.
The State’s Atty let Jussie go.
Stelter gets heavy duty shit for saying we’ll never know what happened with Jussie.
Teen boys rated girls on their looks. Girls object to “toxicity” and feeling unsafe. uh huh
New Rule: no praying to Jesus if you’re swearing in a Muslim legislator

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