The Dems and Media and Stars who so confidently asserted that Trump et al conspired with Putin to fix the election are now trying to pretend they never said it, and are ducking the blame they so richly deserve. There are a few dead enders desperately hanging on to the dream of a Trump Impeachment, but the more realistic among their are admitting that’s over. O.V.E.R.

Zucker says he has no regrets about CNN’s coverage. Other than that egg all over so many CNN faces.



The Intel Chiefs were fantastically wrong
Dems largely give up on impeachment
NYer’s Susan Glasser, wife of NYT WH correspondent Peter Baker, and avid Trump basher says there will be no impeachment. Period. It’s over.
Brennan says I got bad information
The All-Wrong brackets include all the media and political figures who were so very wrong.
Zucker says no regrets on CNN’s coverage.
Late night hosts try to joke their way out of all that egg on their faces.
WP whines Trump team switches from defense to “bruising” offense.
The media was false. Where’s the apology?
The death blow to American news media
Wait! Nobody asked Barr to make the decision on obstruction. Foul!
Half a million news articles that Trump was Putin stooge
Hollywood stars who were criminally wrong.
The bombshells that were BS
The media’s ugliest fails
Avenatti to prison
Andrew Sullivan boo’d by tv writers for saying they shouldn’t call americans racists.
NYT says Repubs try to turn the tables. No shit.
It’s Barr’s fault! Trump stooge.
NYT’s David Brooks calls for Dems, Media, Stars to publicly apologize.
NYT’s Goldberg says ‘those of us who despise him’ are disappointed.
Crazy bitch WP columnist who constantly bitches out Stephen Moore is pissed he was named to the Fed
Obama tells frosh Dems to be careful with the costs of their proposals.

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3 Replies to “Morning Digestion -3-26-19: TRUMP HATERS TRY TO DUCK BLAME FOR BEING SO DAMN WRONG.

    1. I don’t think any of the anti-Trump media really believed the nonsense about collusion. By the way take away the Mike Flynn conviction. My 2 cents.

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