Morning Digestion – 3-20-19:

The above picture is random. My brothers and me and our cousin Richard. We all went to Fresno High School together.

It always feels like I should start with Trump, though I don’t think the stuff about him today is all that important. Nonetheless, here it is: Lefties and Dems still pissed he went after the deceased John McCain. They’re pissed he was doing it at all, but think way worse because McCain is dead.

McCain killed health care reform, McCain passed the Steele Dossier to Comey at FBI, personally. McCain made his funeral and anti-Trump-apaloza. Is it so shocking Trump hates him? And the occasion of him going after McCain again was the news Christopher Steele used a CNN message board to include crap about Trump in his dossier. Get over it lefties.

Speaking of lefties. Evidently they think they can never win again unless: 1) ignorant 16 yr olds are allowed to vote, 2) the electoral college is burned to the ground and 3) they get to pack SCOTUS with libs. So that’s what they want. Plus reparations.

Oh and very important: Nothing from me the next two days. Getting on a plane to see a very sick friend.


He escalates feud with Kellyanne’s husband.
Calls him ‘husband from hell’
NYT reviews what we already know about Mueller report. Another listing of guilt.
You are unpatriotic if you don’t denounce Trump for dissing McCain.
Left outraged Trump goes after dead person McCain. They do it all the time.
Glenn Beck says country done if Trump loses 2020. He hated Trump. Lost subscribers because of anti-Trump rants. He’s full of shit.
Biden asks friends to pony up, looking for several million$s to start running.
Betomania. Real or phony? NYT columnist ponders.
NYT lefty says Democrats don’t have an immigration policy, and they should.
The magic number for Dem hopefuls: 65k donors. That gets them in debates.
Dems problem: what to do with the two old men?
WP haridan wonders why three straight white men are getting the coverage.
The only mention of Dem proposed changes. The WSJ ed on electoral college.
Kamala open to shit canning the electoral college.
Let’s let the 16 year olds vote! Dems super desperate.
My 16 year old watches John Oliver. That proves he’s engaged and should vote.
Students say AOC is face of Dem party, not Nancy.
Dems for reparations
They’re coming after the students who got in by parents cheating.
USC was the most targeted school.
Lyft’s IPO oversubscribed. could hit $70 per
Google fined $1.7bil by EU
FB apologizes for blocking Trump’s social media guy
Pestering Steve King. Is White society better? Beats me he says.

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8 Replies to “Morning Digestion – 3-20-19:

  1. JG, Sorry to hear of your friend. I know the feelings… 16-year olds voting…? About as stupid as those proposing the idea. Here in North Hollywood I look at some of those walking the streets (and some of current voting age) and I pray for the soil they step upon… Being born in 1939 I wasn’t able to vote until I was 21–the voting age at that time–but didn’t exercise the right until I became 25 simply because I didn’t feel qualified to do so… It’s a different world… Have a safe trip and I wish your friends well… JG

  2. AOC and other various left wing nuts and minorities is the new face of the Democratic Party…I think about 40% of people are registered as Dems, 30% Republ. and the other 30% Unaffiliated…and after this year with the outrageous behavior of the new Democratic House we might see that 40% even lower…the problem is often people don’t officially change their party affiliation, they just don’t vote Democratic or Republican anymore which means in many states if you are not a registered Dem or Republ you can’t vote in their primaries. So even if you get to vote as an Unaffiliated or Independent voter you don’t get to participate in picking the actual candidates. So we wind up with candidates who are either far left or far right of most ppl’s positions on the issues…

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