The Trump hating media thinks it’s a big deal that Republican Senators voted to block Trump’s National Emergency. Of course, they had the luxury to take that vote because they knew Trump would veto the bill and go ahead with the wall funding, which they all want. So, they get to take a virtue-signaling vote, and still have the desired result. I should also say that these Republicans are genuinely worried that they might be facilitating a National Emergency declaration from a Democrat President on issues like Climate Change or guns.

The Wall Street Journal has id’d the tipster in the college fraud scandal. Morrie Tobin was facing securities fraud charges and gave prosecutors a tip that a Yale coach had offered to get his daughter into the college for $450k.



NOKO threatens to dump nuke talks
Congress opposes Trump on Saudi Arabia, NE
Foreign leaders skip the diplomats, go right to Trump.
Beto gets hammered for having his wife sit silently by, adoring him.
Beto’s past–taking money from GOP
Beto is hollow but appeals to the naive
Kamala is outraged Pence won’t meet with women alone.
Powers laments U.S. has tendency to get very excited about white men.
New Zealand attack kills 49
three suspects in custody, white manifesto
CNN guest connects mosque shooting to Trump
Mosque shooter a personal trainer, had contact with norwegian mass shooter
Goodbye Earth. A children’s story for adults
82 year old Morris Dees fired from SPLC
Two top guys bailing on FB, because of Zuck
AirBNB geniuses will start new businesses
737 MAX:
Boeing promised a fix a year ago.
The tipster was Morrie Tobin of L.A.
Hallmark Channel dumps Lori Loughlin
Loughlin’s daughters drop out of USC
Actually doesn’t help most people. Except POC’s
So far six students have been kicked out, admission “rescinded”.
Right. One of the bribing dads was a Trump supporter.
Silicon valley “ethical investor” one of those who was bribing.
Another horse dies at Santa Anita, blaming the track.
The $1.5mil summer rental

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