In politics, the big story–I’ve seen several iterations over the last couple days–is that Dems love  being socialist but they just hate being called socialists. So today a story, once again, about Dems bristling at the Trump/Repub charge that they are socialist while they continue to advocate for socialist positions. Now they say “Hey that socialism isn’t really socialism. Medicare for All is just like public education. Not socialist.” Sure.

The Dems have given up on Mueller and Russia as a reason to impeach Trump. Now they’re concentrating on Obstruction of Justice, and if that fails, they’ve opened up investigations into everything Trump. Business. Family. Campaign. Inauguration. Constipation. Whatever.

Also look for the story below in the WSJ about the IPO’s coming. A source informs me you can count on 4,000 new (worker bee) millionaires in San Francisco in the coming months. $2mil payday, buy a house for $2mil, go back to living paycheck to paycheck. SF real estate, already perverted by tech bro million$, about to hit warp speed.



Repubs and Trump point and yell Socialist. Dems complain, whine, bristle.
Bernie wants change from the bottom up.
Clinton people hate Bernie
Hillary not running. Audio
Our political problem is the super majority can’t get its way.
The House freshmen cliques. AOC’s “squad” and others.
AOC says she would have voted no on war after 9/11
Maher drools over Beto
House gives up on Russian collusion, switches to Obstruction. 81 doc requests.
The investigation based on the idea “there must be something he’s guilty of”
House opens the everything investigation.
Trump accuses Nadler of harassment
Cohen’s lawyers asked Trump for a pardon after FBI raid.
Things are going to get mega quick
Mueller schmueller. Schiff goes on without him.
Ty Cobb says it will go on forever.
Fox is the White House and vice versa
Illegal crossings surge. 70k last month
Migrants show up sick, with injuries, BP criticized they aren’t EMTs
Migrant woman testifies smuggler raped her.
Senate set to say no to Trump on NE. He will veto.
Where you pay the most and the least taxes
Phillipines so afraid of China thinking again of alliance with U.S. Uh Huh.
China hackers target universities for naval secrets.
Hillary’s southern accent is back
AOC sides with Ilhan against the Jews
Black Harvard law prof attacked for being on Weinstein’s legal team.
Google’s pay equity investigation shows it underpays MEN.
Fashion industry is racist and can’t get rid of it.
Robin Roberts still trying to dig herself out of Jussie interview
The upcoming IPOs that will ruin San Francisco permanently.
Big Tech once was a CPAC player. Now its the enemy.
Amazon taking over malls
First person cured of AIDS
The govt shuts down program to analyze everybody’s phone calls.
Juan Corona dies at 85
Michael was diddling the kids. His $2bil empire in jeopardy
Michael Jacson did it. His defenders are having a hard time.
Spiders eat animals
Zucker failing with Alysin’s morning show.

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  1. I love how the NY Times posts only the comments that supports it’s own storyline. I agree with the headline that the problem with the US is how politicians keep ignoring the majority of voters. But, of course, they leave out one of he most important issues that is being ignored: The vast amounts of both legal and illegal immigration that is slowly but surely overwhelming our country. Most of the issues the Times focuses on if Congress did follow the ‘will of the people’ we would be reduce to another bankrupt socialist rathole in ten years or less….Sure everyone wants free healthcare, free college for their kids and low or no property/income taxes (to be paid by them) and all paid for by that ‘millionaire’ down the street…Why don’t they add free vet care for pets and make sure every kid under 10 is eligible for a free pony too. I would love that one…

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