My next birthday is 73 and I’ve decided enough is enough. The daily John Gibson Show will conclude a week from today, Friday, March 1st.

I still plan to do the Morning Digestion, though it may become the Lunch Digestion because I’ll be doing it from the studio, with sound, and maybe an interview or two (instead of sitting at my desk in my robe and mumbling it into a USB mic). I expect it will be in the 10min to 20min range. That’s to keep you subscribers from demanding your money back. I hate doing that.

2019 marks by 50th year in broadcasting. First in radio, then television, then back to radio again. So it’s been a long time, and I think it’s enough.

In addition it’s been fourteen years since I started this show. Which is probably also enough.

I thank you all for listening all this time. I’ll still be around as a pod guy if you still want to hear my views. They will continue to be the kind of thing that would get me fired if there was anybody who could fire me.


  1. How great for you!!! And how sad for me. Good luck and happy birthday.

    Favorite story – you getting up in Paul Simon concert with little Jake just as the lights came up and Paul Simon waving at the kiddo!

  2. I am so appreciative of your work.
    You have made my work day lively for many years.
    I will miss you, but you need to take care of you.
    You stepped up and kept your fan base happy for extra years after FOX radio.
    Very much appreciated.
    I will definitely sign up for the pod.
    Love Love Love You

  3. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. Also thank you for talking about and exploring racial topics with ALL races. Extremely helpful.

    I’ll listen as long as you are willing to talk… Thanks again..


  4. Best wishes from a long-time fan. It will be a truly sad day. Guess I’ll have to go back to listening to “that other fellow who talks for three hours without taking a call.” I’m glad you’ll continue to podcast but will miss the banter with Angry Rich and your conversations with the excellent lineup of guests.

  5. Thanks for many hours of entertainment. You managed to make news stories bearable with your entertaining spin. I’m going to miss that and of course some of your frequent callers. Good luck and have some fun.

  6. I understand but don’t like it it has been part of life for 14 years you have kept me company on thousands of lonely drives ….hours of lonely hotel time and prompted me to do my bush league podcast that after only three years has only a couple of followers who listen which i say to allude how amazing you are from fox tv and radio to this network your fans have followed for your show is just the best ….from angry rich Bob and Christine to solo to you and Rich well it’s been always entertaining and always awesome

    Will miss my two hours of Gibby but will always cherish them and the five times i have been on as a caller those sound bites are kept as keepsakes been on TV a few times but getting on Gibson show was way better !

    Thanks Mr Gibson for everything

  7. Wow, John – really going to miss you and your show. Been around listening for the 14 years since the XM days and watched you before that. Thanks for hanging in there and doing it all this time – it’s been my favorite three hours per day of any media! Be well, John! Godspeed.

  8. Good Luck, John. I hope you stay healthy, happy and involved in a less demanding way with your profession. I watch people like Kilmeade and Bartiroma, The hours they work are staggering. As you well know, it’s not just the airtime but the research time, interview time especially if it’s offsite from the studio. Then theres colleague conference time, show planning time, scrounging for guest interviews, agonizing over ratings, having to watch your mouth or G-d Forbid endure a fine by the government bureaucrats or even worse a friendly visit from El Bosso. Then there’s the humongous amount of time reading the news, i.e. preparation time for the show. And finally when you are no longer that youthful kid with the great hair but still with a great brain, you get forced to move on. But it’s been a great run. You and your cohorts have made me laugh, made me sad and often very angry but not at you! It’s been fun being a fan.


  9. I’ll look forward to whatever you decide to produce and share, John. This is my 73rd year also, and I understand wanting to slow down….but you are one of the few who has references and music that I remember! Enjoy your G-kids and the ranch, and the horses and the doggies. Happy retirement…….

  10. JG may be the last broadcast journalist to have grown up in the Golden Era of California. And, even if he has not admitted it, he is a “textbook” Southern California liberal from the 1960s (plus or minus). Unfortunately, that makes him Attila the Hun now.

    Good luck.

  11. I can’t believe this day has come…I would sometimes think of how awful it was going to be if I didn’t have you to listen to during work. Its feel like a family member is going away , I actually got teary eyed when I heard the news. I will miss you sooooo much! And I will stay a loyal podcast subscriber until you finally stop posting news. I hope that Angry Rich does something where we could keep listening to him…I mean who doesn’t love Angry Rich. I will miss you a lot and hope your retirement is wonderful…U truly deserve it! God Bless you and your family.

  12. I had a feeling this was coming soon. I am sad, I have been listening for 10 years and was happy to pay for your show. You are the only one that I was willing to do that for. Please don’t stop the Morning Digestion…and its okay that its not in the morning, I don’t listen to it in the morning anyway. But I do listen. I hope that you do a podcast and can actually do it unfiltered. I would definitely subscribe to that. Maybe Angry Rich can do a show too. You will be missed John!

  13. John, I will look forward to your Podcasts. When I first started listening to you I switched from Rush and found you entertaining and funny. The thing I liked best about your show was that you exhibited a great amount of common sense on your views and show. After 9 years of listening, I will miss the routine. Hopefully, there will be a book from you coming out soon.


  14. Such a happy and sad day all rolled into one. I’ve listened for years and years and watched you on Fox as well and feel like you’re a part of my family. Whatever you continue to share – on podcasts or print – will be greatly anticipated and always appreciated. Wishing you good health and happiness in your retirement. And remember – retirement doesn’t have to be permanent! We’ll always welcome you back should you become bored and restless!

  15. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It has been a distance from sitting across the room from you at the old THR days… Enjoy the retirement. It’s gooood… But I will miss your rants in the A.M.s… Have fun…

  16. John, thank you so very much for the thousands of hours of information, entertainment and perspective. Kaleel (sp?) summed it up perfectly. You are the best! Enjoy retirement and take care of yourself.

  17. Nooooooo! Seriously, I’m gonna miss the regular show. I’ve been enjoying your work since I discovered the radio show over a decade ago. I’m also the guy who bought “How the Left Swiftboated America” for full price at the bookstore the day it came out. Yeah, that guy! Great book, terrible title.

    Does this mean you’re finally going to write all those great stories down into a memoir? You need to!

    Will be in for the podcasts and hope we can get some of the great interviews we’re used to.

    Take care,
    Pete in Tulsa

  18. John,
    I am 76 so I know what you mean about slowing down.
    All best to you. Your comments and thoughts have been a great help in forming opinions.
    Stay in the loop. You are needed! Your format of have guests and callers that might not agree
    with you is a refreshing radio show. What is the chance of getting your books signed. I am interested.

  19. John,

    I’ve been a loyal listener from the beginning. Your show has been the best of talk radio with sharp and intelligent analysis. Since you’ve been part of my daily routine for fourteen years it goes without saying that I will miss you and Rich. Thank you for filling so many hours with your conversation, challenging me to consider different opinions, and making me laugh. @burndoc

  20. Over the past few years I’ve been forced to narrow my information to a single sane voice….YOU (well and some Angry Rich). You will be missed and I will be lost. Hopefully you miss us enough to keep the Podcast going for us members. Cheers and Enjoy! Steve in Tulsa

  21. I’m one of your silent listeners and I’m so sad to hear this news! You will be very much missed. You’ve been a part of my weekdays for several years and I sooooo appreciate your point of view on everything. Hope your podcast will continue….wish you the best in your retirement!

  22. My wife Debbie and I used to watch your Saturday afternoon show on MSNBC during the Clinton scandal, often calling in 15-20 times to vote in your polls about whether he should be impeached. It was a hoot. We watched and listened through the years at Fox, always enjoying the interchanges with Rich and Christine. I’ll never forget Christine and Rich’s dramatic reading of Governor Sanford’s letters to and from his Argentinian paramour … hilarious. We loved the humor your radio show never failed to produce. I lost Debbie to cancer early last year and your show was a go-to for me every day after work, helping me through some pretty dark days. For that, I thank you. Wishing you all the best now for a long and happy retirement.

    God bless,
    Dave Comodeca
    Cleveland, Ohio

  23. I’m really going to miss the show. Have thoroughly enjoyed listening over the years, and will continue to follow your podcasts. Wishing the best to you and your family. If you have a recommendation of another talk radio program to fill the void, I’m all ears.

  24. Hi John,
    Your show on FOX Radio and more recently on GCN was the first and only podcast I ever paid a subscription to hear every day. Frankly, you are the only host I can stand for more than a few minutes. In the last few years I would find myself muttering something at the radio — only to hear you say those EXACT SAME WORDS a few seconds later. I think part of your connection to your audience is the fact that you don’t fly around in your own Gulfstream and rub elbows with the elites. You kept it real. I will miss the “big show”, but look forward to hearing you on the Morning Digestion in a shorter but uncensored and colorful podcast. I hope we continue to hear from Angry Rich and Jake.

  25. Happy trails John. You are the one daily fix I will miss. From your Fox days to XM and at last the podcast I could always count on getting a dose of common senses from you. Enjoy the sunsets John.

  26. John – you have been part of my life for nearly every day of the last 13 years. Thank you for sharing a great time with me. I will miss you but understand….I’m only a few years behind you.

  27. This was to be my 10th year of enjoying your show everyday and now it’s over. I never called in but I have corresponded with you a few times by email. I completely understand your position and I wish you many years of retirement. I will absolutely support anything you choose to do with the website and podcast. Thank you for all the entertainment. Mike Boring

  28. Thanks John for the MANY hours of entertainment you have given me over the years!! Please enjoy your retirement!! I am another silent listener, never called in because of work. I enjoyed your show on Fox Channel, listened on Fox Radio and now your current show. I really have enjoyed your insights into the news stories of the day, and (like another listener mentioned) I enjoyed your banter with Christine, Bob, Angry Rich and of course, your callers! Another enjoyment of your show, is the birthday music, when I was able to enjoy your “Music Business” insights about the musician we were hearing. Wishing you, your wife and family the best!!!! Chuck in Greensboro, NC

  29. Hi John,
    The news of your retirement yesterday hit me pretty hard. You were one of the very first talk radio hosts I truly enjoyed when I stumbled upon your show back when I was 22 in 2005. I’ve stuck with you as a premium member all these years later and though I also listen to others, you are head and shoulders above the rest. It’s been a heck of a ride and you will be greatly missed by me and many others from the look of these comments. Your retirement is well deserved though, so enjoy it good sir. I wish you all the best.

    -Sean Ekey

  30. John, you will be missed. My wife and I have been listening to your podcasts since before you started them. I recorded the show off the air over an internet connection to a radio station running your show and joined up as soon as you started the podcast. Loved not having to manually skip the commercials anymore,:-). Listened on my daily commute. Since we retired and moved to Texas we have spent our weekends listening to the weeks podcasts. My wife and I would look at each other when something would happen in the news and say to each other that we could hardly wait to get to that days show to catch your take on it. Will be kind of quiet around here on Saturdays and Sundays now.

    If you would put together a couple of CD’s or podcasts with the best of from your Fox and GSN days including some of those awesome things that Rich and Christine would do I for one would love to buy them.

    Thank you all the years of entertainment. It’s like losing a loved one.

    Vince and Patti Parro
    Bluff Dale, Texas

  31. Hey John – just a thought for your consideration; since you have a studio that you’ll use for your daily report, how about a weekly long-form interview with one of the hundreds of names you must have in your 50-year rolodex? It could be a one hour format – 45 minutes of content and sponsor ads. Newsmakers, reporters, broadcasters, politicians, military leaders, musicians, authors, and actors are always interested in pitching their books and other projects, or maybe in just not being forgotten. I think it would be a great outlet for your considerable interviewing skills, and I can’t believe it would be very difficult to find willing sponsors for advertising income. “The Gibson Report”, brought to you by FullyCookedBacon and Jeunesse presents an hour with … Britt Hume / General Thomas McInerney / Cheryl Atkisson / Christine & Angry Rich … and so on. The best part is it would be a lot less intense than doing 15 hours of broadcasts a week, with plenty of time left over for beers on the porch.

  32. John, Thanks for the decade and a half of enjoyment I’ve had listening to you. Built a vineyard, painted and repainted multiple rooms in three houses, tended my orange trees and countless other tasks around the house while catching up on the weekend with the prior week’s shows. I hope you have the happiest of retirements. Will raise a Tito’s this evening to you. Thanks again!

  33. John, Ive been a listener since you had the 6:00 time slot on Fox News Radio. Your show is the best thing on talk radio. Thankyou for your work over the years, and best wishes on your retirement.

    No need to give my money back. I’ll remain a faithful subscriber. 10-20 minutes of Gibby each day is better than no Gibby.

  34. I will definitely miss your show as there is nothing else quite like it anywhere…Also a note of caution, more ‘social justice warriors’ and their ilk are on the internet then listening to radio, so please be cautious in this venue when you use it. These people love to get anyone who thinks differently from them banned via Google, Facebook, etc., Good luck in whatever you do!!!

  35. John, Thank you for bringing the show to the air all these years. I have only been a listener for the past 4 years but I have really enjoyed the show. I’m going to miss the show a lot. I hope you enjoy many years of retirement. Hope to hear a podcast whenever you can. God bless. -Chris

  36. John,
    I’ve come to love your show since before you left Fox and you keep me entertained through the late nights hours when I drive charter buses throughout Colorado. I often wished a station would carry your program in Denver but I have listened to nearly every episode for several years. Having grown up in Arlington, Texas, I enjoy hearing stories from you and Rich about the DFW area. I am very disappointed about having to search for a replacement show and I know none will ever measure up to your character and standards. I feel like I am losing a family member but I know you very much deserve to enjoy your future doing the things you want to do. Best wishes John Gibson. You mean so much to so many and I want you to know how much we all appreciate the years of enjoyment you have provided us.
    David Jeanfreau
    Thornton, Colorado.

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