11 Replies to “IS IT LAUREL OR YANNY?

  1. It’s both. They blended both names in there. The older you are, the higher chance you will hear Laurel. At first, I heard “Yanny”, but the more that I listened to it, I could also hear Laurel underneath it. If I concentrated to it, then I could pick out “Laurel”.

  2. New at this …… however ….. it’s Yanny …. there is no ‘ne’ sound in Laural. And I have a brain ….. which should be working before my boss sees me texting on this!!!

  3. I mostly hear Laurel, but as soon as someone starts talking over it, it changes to Yanny. I noticed that very clearly today on your radio show when that woman on TV was talking over it to her guest. If I listen closely to the unaltered clip, I can force myself to start hearing Yanny. Very interesting phenomenon.

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