You are going to see Hillary Clinton everywhere for a few days, pushing Irma wreckage off the screen for whole “exclusive” interviews at a time.

So many television anchors have landed “exclusive” interviews with the Chardonnay queen the word “exclusive” has been sapped of any meaning.

You will see it al, it’s hard to escape.

You could just turn off the television for two weeks. It will pass.

But I have watched enough of these various iterations of the same interview to be able to summarize.

It’s all about Trump and Radical Republicans and how they are taking over the country, how they are racists and completely open about it, and how they are dangerous to the country. There are occasional wobbles off message in these interviews, like her weird claim that “conservative media” overwhelms all those nice, earnest liberals trying to save the planet from American racism.

While she attacks Donald Trump in these repeated charges, it is hard to overlook the real point: he is only the lead racist, while the real problem is so many ordinary, everyday Americans who have revealed themselves to be racist deep in their hearts by supporting Trump.

She is a bitter troll, trying to slather the country in a guilt trip, designed to shift attention away from what history will nonetheless record as the truth: she was an awful candidate, out of touch with the country during the campaign and after, and she lacked the grace to accept rejection and live out her life quietly. Instead we are all subjected to the wrath of Hurricane Hillary and her politics of national destruction.

Americans should use her book and the speaking tour as a moment to congratulate itself that she is not President and never will be.



  1. John Gibson you are just the best at getting to the real heart of these matters! The way she has handled her defeat really does call into question even a basic level of intelligence as you mentioned on the show yesterday.

  2. Hillary is a bitter old woman. She is heeding the words of Dylan Thomas, “do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” She is certainly raging but it’s the lack of power & self awareness she is raging at. She doesn’t know how to be a mother, a grandmother or how to enjoy old age & the joys of family and friends. I almost feel sorry for her. But then I think of the lives she has destroyed along her quest for power.

  3. Hillary is delusional. She obviously will never come to terms with the fact she lost. The left leaning press can’t seem to face her loss either and cling to a sinking ship.

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