It’s obvious that the current flow of public opinion (that is, opinion expressed in public so as to notify every and all that one is virtuous and on the side of good and right) is that the KKK and the Nazis who rallied and rioted in Charlottesville, were evil and to be denounced and shamed and shunned and, if possible, beat up.

Fine. I have no issue. Hold that opinion, and go beat up a Klansman if you desire, and more importantly, if you are able. (Just remember you’ll probably get hit back.)

But isn’t it also obvious that the left wing fascists who call themselves Antifa, or the Black Bloc, or By Any Means Necessary are also exactly the people who should be denounced and shamed and shunned?

After all, these are violent leftists who have left a trail of smashed heads, broken windows, burned cars, egged Trump supporters and silenced conservative speakers for over a year now.

These are the same people who staged an ugly riot on Donald Trump’s inauguration. These are the same people who pinned Trump supporters against walls and egged them, spit on them, pummeled them. These are the same people who feel they have a right to hunt down, chase, and dox people whose politics they don’t agree with. These are the righteous fascists of the left who are making our politics violent and dangerous and, dare I say, deadly.

So when the KKK/Nazis and the Aftifa get together to beat each other up, how can we not see these people are each other’s dream dates?

How do you say one is worse than the other? They are both disgusting and awful and any sane person witnessing them bash each other probably cheers on each side  equally.

Somebody is going to say I am dismissing the horror of someone actually dying as a result of the boiling blood of these confrontations, namely Heather Heyer who was killed by a wanna-be Nazi this last weekend.

Yes. Profoundly sad and (once again) disgusting.

But I would just remind anyone throwing that in my face that yes, the Nazi was a killer, but may I remind you… Steve Scalise.

That was a left wing wanna-be killer. After months of surgeries and recovery, Scalise is only just now able to leave the hospital and consider going back to work. Had not armed security been present the left winger, anti Nazi, anti KKK, anti Trump, anti Republican gunman would have killed several if not all the Republicans gathered to practice for a baseball game.

Both these self righteous sides are dangerous. And neither is less guilty than the other.


  1. I said that from the beginning. When media talked about March they talked how dangerous the right is….carrying guns…blah, blah, blah.
    If we are assigning blame on the media & Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe who told police to stand down.

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