The Morning Dump–Charlottesville Edition

President Trump is in trouble for blaming both sides in the deadly Charlottesville riot.

The Charlottesville Edition of the Morning Dump is a warning for anyone engaged in conversation about the violence that occurred over the weekend–it has been decreed that you may not decry both sides, but must focus all your condemnation on the white nationalists, the klansmen, the nazis who gathered near the statue of Robert E. Lee.

Be warned…you may not apportion any sliver of blame on the Antifa movement which came to fight, which feels it has the right to smash in the face anyone they oppose.

Just be careful speaking of this.

HR is listening.

4 Replies to “The Morning Dump–Charlottesville Edition

  1. Most of the weekend talking heads, even on FOX, were chastising President Trump because he failed to identify, by name, the participants of the unfortunate brawl in Charlottesville, VA. It is worthy to note that two major groups were involved; the White Nationalists (not white supremacists by the way) and the Black Nationalists (aka Black Lives Matter).

    As I looked at the news feeds I noticed that it was the White Nationalists who had been granted a permit to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee and it was the Black Lives Matter folks who showed up armed with bats and wearing masks. So, who is at fault?

    I guess if those new copy readers were any good they’d not have to ‘rip & read’ on the weekend.

    1. Yes I have noticed that weekend Fox anchors have a definite liberal bent. They never once decried both sides for the violence, just the so-called “WHITE SUPREMICISTS”. They just couldn’t get over people who actually were upset over the fact that Robert E Lee might have been an important American hero too many, many people, especially in his home state of Virginia. What is next, massive book burnings decreed justified by som cowardly state legislature?? He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it, as some great man once said.

      1. Had not heard who has the permit. Good news. Thanks.

        The 1st time I heard pres Trump’s response it seemed OK. After hearing all of the criticism I still think that his response is OK.

        If you let anyone write the reply that they think Pres Trump should have given & he read it, the reply would still be dished by the writer. Just rhetoric bullshit!

  2. Only one truly defending Trump’s statement on Fox was Judge Jeanine. Trump spoke within hours of the attack and simple Said to stop the violence on both sides. Facts were not all out yet. He did not do an Obama making accusations before facts were in.
    It was the media that hyped this march up. They called it the KKK, Nazi march before it started. They even had National Gaurd on stand-by. What does that tell you?
    Why were ANTIFA & BLM allowed to march without a permit? Why were cops told to “stand down?” So many questions.

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