Liberals are sucking air in heaving gasps at President Trump’s latest off the cuff, seemingly out of left field foreign policy announcement.

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” he said. “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

The effect of this statement on the North Koreans was to provoke another threat, this time to engulf the American territory of Guam in a “sea of fire”.

The effect of Trump’s statement on the American left was to provoke, well, shock and awe, to borrow a phrase. Rending their garments, and pulling chunks of hair from their scalps, progressives demanded to know, “How could this President make such a rash and hostile statement?’

North Korea, of course, has now proven –or so we hear– it can fire a missile across the Pacific and hit the U.S. And our intelligence agencies believe they have miniaturized a nuke to strap to the nose of that missile.

The fact that North Korea is threatening the American mainland with nuclear weapons evidently doesn’t leap immediately to mind on the American left.

Instead what they see is a nightmare scenario of massive casualties and death rained down on South Korea. And they are right: in the event of a U.S. attack on North Korea, South Korea would take a terrible beating from North Korean artillery ranged across the DMZ and ready to pour “fire and fury” down on Seoul, home to more than twenty million people.

How could Trump do such a thing to an ally?

I submit he wouldn’t want to, but if the choice is let the North Koreans have a shot at an American city, such as Los Angeles, or San Francisco, or Anchorage, or Seattle, or alternatively to bring down the Wrath of Khan on the Korean Peninsula, the American President doesn’t really have a choice.

So, yes. Diplomacy is preferable. A fatal plate of kim chi is preferable. Almost anything is preferable to launching an attack on the North Korean leadership, and its nuke and ICBM facilities.

Except letting an American city be nuked out of too much concern for people elsewhere.

That is absolutely out of the question.



  1. The left seems to have no problem when their guys want to turn the Middle East into a flaming pile of rubble by disposing of leaders they consider unfriendly. But their hatred of Trump is so intense that they can’t even take his side even when it’s those California liberals who will be the first to fry if NK starts lobbing nukes.

  2. I would add to your blog to continue my theme to turn NK into a glass skating rink. I would demand from them the following:
    1. NK to declare that they are stopping their nuclear endeavors altogether forever.
    2. NK will allow inspectors to witness same.
    3. NK will allow inspectors to witness daily for the next ~ years that they continue to do so.
    4. NK will begin reunification talks with SK.
    Otherwise, nuke them now!

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