I guess it’s Trump’s fault

The New York Times revealed (a leak) that the Trump Department of Justice was looking into the possibility of taking action against certain universities and colleges which discriminated against white students in their admissions policies.

This set off a chain reaction of hand wringing that the Trump Administration was targeting Affirmative Action.

The Week Magazine declared it “White Nationalist Week” for Trump.
CNN said “white grievance” is Trump’s fallback position. When things get rough, stir up the bitter white folk.
The Washington Post put it in the most stark terms: “White College Students Think They Face More Discrimination Than Blacks.” Seriously. Here.
At the same time, Harvard University, of all places, seemed to confirm the general thrust of the reported interest the DOJ might have in looking at discrimination against whites.
Harvard declared that for the first time in history, the majority of the incoming class will be non-white.
Victory! For somebody.
Considering the fact that white people are still a huge majority in this country the Harvard result seems to suggest that either white students no longer apply to Harvard, or Harvard is employing an admission system that favors minority population non-whites over majority population whites.
Personally, I’d like the DOJ to look into what’s taught in the classes, all that stuff about white privliege, and how white people are the scourge of the planet.
If I were still a college student I think I’d hate sitting through all that, same as a black student would feel if the lecture was all about how bad black people are and were.
Just as a postscript:  more evidence emerged this week of what it was like on the campus of Evergreen College in Washington when the college social justice warriors held a hate-whitey day. A white (female) college professor described being trailed by social justice protesters demanding she obey their orders to leave campus because she is white. They would not listen to her. All they wanted was her to follow orders that white people vacate the campus.
Is it too much to ask that people not be judged by the color of their skin? I thought that was a rule around here.



  1. I have a blood relative who died of his wounds at Andersonville prison during the Civil War. I personally become insensed when I hear all the derogatory comments about how the white race has to embrace their white privledge guilt. How much more than the deaths of many many white soldiers do most of us have to bear?? Things are not perfect, but in my world everyone has to compete to get ahead, and nothing is ever handed to you. To assume that the color of your skin rather than the content of your character is what makes you more perfect in the eyes of your creator is ludicrous.

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