So what if the G-20 nations think Trump’s America should be shunned?

Reaction to President Trump’ s performance at the G-20 meeting of heads of state in Hamburg, Germany is starting to come in.

The New York Times, as one might predict, is leading the way in declaring Trump’s performance as below par, wanting, a failure, or just plain awful.

The Times point seems to be that America is embarrassed to find itself out of step with the leaders of the major world players.

Trump, the Times said, found  “the United States isolated on everything from trade to climate change, and faced with the prospect of the group’s issuing a statement on Saturday that lays bare how the United States stands alone.

What this tells me is not that the U.S. has become an outcast on the world stage, but that the world is out of step with the United States.

Trump was elected precisely because Americans had soured on trade deals that shipped their jobs elsewhere and let the door to Americans’ habitual shopping locations wide open to cheap goods that pay little or no tax (tariffs) for access to stacks of U.S. dollars.

Trump was elected because Americans don’t believe they should suffer the ravages of economic constraints imposed by the much maligned Paris Climate Change agreement. Why should Americans give up jobs and economic prosperity to adhere to climate rules other nations are allowed to ignore? The world leaders who benefit from these one sided deals mumble inanities about letting developing countries “catch up” to the U.S. when their real goal is to drag America down.

The Times clearly disapproved: “Where previous American leaders saw their power as a benevolent force, and were intent on spreading prosperity through open markets and multilateral cooperation, Mr. Trump has portrayed himself as a nationalist, a unilateralist and a protectionist, eager to save American jobs.”

While editors at the New York Times tut-tut about an attitude such as that, it’s clear the American people are quite happy to have a President who puts them first.

It is yet more evidence the Times and its supporters find themselves aligned with Europe and Asia and entirely out of touch with their own country and their own people.




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  1. John, I am confused some although usually you are very clear and i love your show. Glad you are still going.

    My confusion: I don’t really care what the NY Times thinks. And in fact, I believe that most of America is moving in this direction. If the elitists want to read this crap, that is ok with me, just so they dont try to force it upon me. I only listen to Fox and even they are starting to p_ss me off.

    And yet everyday day the story seems to be about what these people (Times, Post, CNN, MSNBC) are saying. I realize that you are up early everyday reading this stuff and keeping up with it for us. And I do appreciate it. But I really think that it is meaningless now.

    If Angela Merckle thinks that Trump is on the wrong track, then praise be to TRUMP, he must be on the right track. The focus on what these idiots are saying everyday is just occupying time that could be spent on what matters.

    Are steps being taken to mend the great divide that now exists between different cultures in this country? And I dont mean what these idiots would say about it. Is Ben Carson working on this? If not, why?

    The economy still sux, even though lately there seems to be some improvement. But what about jobs? Are people really getting jobs now? If so, in what fields? Blue Collar?

    The focus is so much now on what these idiots think that we can really get the straight scoop about things. When I hear about what they are saying now, I just put on my Pandora and crank up the tunes, because there are some things that I dont want to contaminate my mind with.

    Please filter what you read everyday. Some stuff is not worth reading. Why do you want to know what some liberal, elitists gas back, who is trying to maintain his popularity with those who would give away our country to the rest of world thinks.

    We have a right to have a country with borders and to decide what we want absent all the crap that the rest of the world has to put up with. If they want to be over run by refugees, ok let them be. But I dont want that and I dont think that most Americans do.

    Stopped; got tired of typing.

  2. John, it’s not ” clear that the American people are Happy “there are many millions more who oppose this despicable buffoon and everything he and his vile family stand for than those who worship him. So no, it’s not clear that Americans as a whole are happy with the vermin who are in the white house

  3. Rock on, President Trump! Yes, John, you are 100% correct in your assertion that we the people elected Donald Trump because he stands for us. We are the working class who Obama left behind. The world has taken advantage of us for far too long. It’s a new era!!

  4. “What this tells me is not that the U.S. has become an outcast on the world stage, but that the world is out of step with the United States.”

    Wrong. Trump is an outlier in the sense that he was not the popular vote getter in the US, and is out of step with most Americans. Approval rating a hair shy of 40% (at best) and that’s his base pumping it up. So, you are wrong.

    Also: “Trump was elected because Americans don’t believe they should suffer the ravages of economic constraints imposed by the much maligned Paris Climate Change agreement.”

    Wrong again. Automation and Chinese export of their unemployment problem to the US crashed the manufacturing sector beginning with Reagan. Yes, Reagan. Nixon opened up China and American went shopping to fill its Walmart and Target stores. Look it up. Do some research. The Paris Climate Agreement does not kill American jobs but actually forces American to create them. Solar, wind, tidal, renewables, and above ground strategies. Look it up. Do some research. Stop bullshitting your audience with made up garbage.

    Like this: “…it’s clear the American people are quite happy to have a President who puts them first.” Wrong. America wants Trump gone. Check the approval numbers. Stop drinking the koolaide.

      1. Not sure, John. But not Pence, not Ryan, not McConnell. They are ideologues interested only in a tax cut for their wealthy backers. Trump is a joke, and not a funny one. The humorless asshole is a transparent liar. So who’s not a liar? Or better, who’s simply competent? You tell me.

          1. I voted for her. She wasn’t squeaky cleanest politician in the room, but she was/is competent. She spent most of her adult life fighting for women and children, and she knows her stuff. Trump knows nothing, and that’s painfully obvious.

  5. Hillary Clinton might be politically competent in D.C. Standard but that is exactly what is wrong with America. D.C. Is the real joke and Donald trump isn’t perfect by a long shot but he isn’t Hillary Clinton. The same candidate that colluded with CNN, the same candidate that stated 17 intelligence angencies had Russia info, the same candidate that blamed everyone and their mother for her loss. She is a joke! since when did the United States just go along with everyone else ?we have always done our own thing until recently!

  6. Sounds like EM is a true liberal. No surprise he voted for Hillary, and also no surprise he would NOT support Pence, Ryan or McConnell. Why would he? Thank God Trump won, and Hillary LOST! PW

  7. Hillary fighting for women?-if anything is funny, it people who voted for her are a joke- she took money from countries who oppress women- she fights for women?- really?- fighting for children? the same countries Hillary Clinton took money from, teach children to strap bombs to themselves, and blow up innocent civilians. The Clinton Foundation has raked in millions of dollars from these countries who oppress their own people, she has made thousands for 15 minute speeches, and the liberals like Em, give her and Bill Clinton a pass every time. Competent? this is a woman who couldn’t remember, couldn’t recall anything in the various Congressional hearings- what stuff does she know?- how to lie, cheat, and deceive people- she is out for herself, and no one else- you are not just drinking a cup of koolaid, you are drinking it by the gallon- Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country, and if liberals don’t want to receive it, then i’m sure Putin, or Kim Jung Il, have a nice cozy spot for these communists in their country- so tired of these liberals sucking up America’s resources, while trashing this country- if you don’t to be here, if you think America is bad, THEN LEAVE!- BYE!, DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT!

  8. EM and I found common ground — we agree Hillary is not squeaky clean. That is a start!

    EM, what percentage of your vitriol for Trump is not really Trump, but any Republican that would have beat Hillary in 2016? If you really step back and imagine one of the other Republicans (Bush, Rubio, Cruz…) winning against Hillary, how would you feel about them? Would you be here on John Gibson’s blog complaining about Cruz? Or is there something about Trump that just super-duper grinds your gears?

    1. Tammy is the sort of poster who argues with fiction, unfortunately and screams in all caps, but in the end comes off as what Rush Limbaugh calls a low information voter (his own listener, in fact). Gibson, who I’ve known for years, does little to educate his listeners and this, John knows, is my main complaint about his radio pulpit. But yes, John, we agreed to disagree. I suppose the only GOP presidential candidate I could have been okay with would have been Kasich. He’s mostly reasonable, doesn’t sexually assault women and weaponize his insults against religious groups like Trump. Cruz is an ideologue and dishonest like Rubio who also went from criticizing Trump to getting on bended knee to curry favor with the office. Maybe Jeb would have been fair and reasonable – I just don’t know. Trump makes things up. I keep hearing from the right that 1. god chose him 2. he’s not a politician 3. give him a chance 4. at least he’s not Hillary… etc., but nothing about the sexual predator he is, nothing about the businesses he’s crashed, nothing about the bs jobs he’s created. Why overlook this? Because Trump’s a successful businessman? Truth is Trump has made a lot of noise selling his name and you all have bought it. Why else would more conscientious citizens be busy taking his name down from their buildings (if they legally can) and others leaving his administration, hiring lawyers, getting distance? The GOP has used him. Haven’t drained the swamp (that’s a slogan for you) but filled it with people aiming to rip you off. But that’s what you all wanted. Good luck getting that valve replaced and staying solvent.

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