UPDATE: We are on iTunes! Yay!

We are on iTunes, folks! Josh has worked his magic, and the John Gibson Show is now on iTunes. TuneIn and others coming soon!

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-john-gibson-show/id1256027272?mt=2

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    1. GCN is currently posting them as three separate hours per day. I’ve asked if there’s anything they can do about that, but if not, I may have to start writing some code.

      1. You can use the free SOX (Sound Exchange) audio software. It’s very, very easy to stitch mp3 files together.


        sox gibhr1.mp3 gibhr2mp3 gibhr3mp3 gibjuly7.mp3

        The above command line combines the three hours (obviously change the file names in practice) and outputs a final file called gibjuly7.mp3. Simple. Note the space between the file names.


        1. Thanks, Jason. I wound up writing a PowerShell script to download and automate the split/merge of podcasts using mp3splt and mp3wrap. Gonna be using it to automate a premium podcast for members.

  1. What I got on iTunes is the commercial version. Hopefully they will have instructions soon for the premium – non-commercial version soon.

  2. john, john, were every you are, show an old gal how to connect to your on her
    probably out dated computer. I so miss my late nights with Mr. john!! What you
    don’t know won’t heard you, remember that one.
    Thanks so much, I started listening at 12:00 a.m. Seattle Time during the election,
    us old ones don’t sleep much. You human spirit is wonderful plus all of the other
    things you have done and probably will still keep doing. Hoping I find you again.

  3. I listened to about 30 seconds of FOX on Wednesday at noon eastern. That was more than enough for me. I can’t believe they let go of you. Anyway, I’m anxiously awaiting to be able to “listen live” to the John Gibson Show again. When is that going to happen? Is there an Android APP in the future?

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