NOTE TO LISTENERS: Temporary Podcast Connection Now Up

I’ve had lots of questions about the podcasts.

We’re not-so-patiently waiting for iTunes and tune-in approval to put the podcasts up.

In the meantime, Josh has put up a temporary connection to the GCN podcast. Click on the “Podcast” tab above. Please use that until we get out place on iTunes and tune-in.

Thank you,

John Gibson

18 Replies to “NOTE TO LISTENERS: Temporary Podcast Connection Now Up

  1. Just a mention about podcast options…l have added your podcast link to my iPad “Downcast” app! It automatically downloads your podcast and voila! I’m back in “Gibsonville”, just like before the Fox divorce… It’s easy to add it.

    Plus another benefit? The new photo attached to the podcast is much more handsome than the Fox photo… Well, I guess they’re both handsome, it’s just nice seeing a new one.

    Ok, thanks and bye!

    Anne Meyer

    1. I love Downcast too. The new show is already up in iTunes and should be in the Downcast / TuneIn search feeds soon. But in the meantime, yeah the direct URL will work!

      1. Hi Josh, I’m usually not so…vocal… But are the podcasts going to be in three parts, and with ads? Only asking in case I’m missing something… Hearing John is worth both of those answers being “yes”, so, yeah, just asking, thanks


        1. I’ve asked them about combining the podcasts. If they can’t do it, well, I’m a software engineer so I am sure I can develop something to make it happen. As for the ads, I think they will unfortunately have to be there for the time being.

          1. Thanks, Josh, for the answers… Rush Limbaugh has separate podcast hours, which doesn’t really interfere with anything, and as for the ads? I’ll start changing my perception from accessing the program in condensed, shorter form to accessing the program…period … And if it means a few bucks AND ads, well then I’m sure I’ll soon be simply grateful I’m able to listen! Thanks…


  2. John I’m on vacation this week but I will be listening everyday as I have for the last 6 years starting Monday. Wish you the absolute best in your new arrangement! Thank you!

    1. Yes, Christine where are you? I want you both together or it is like having a bacon and eggs breakfast without the toast, hash browns and coffee.

  3. I too, am so glad you are still on the air, John. I listen to your podcast almost every day. Although I haven’t read comments/questions about it yet, I do hope eventually the uploaded podcasts will have the commercials edited out for Premium Podcast members? Thank you so much John! I appreciate all the work you do! Pete

    1. I am with ya, Tom! I hope they are working on this. I don’t mind paying for a Premium membership, but not having to listen to commercials should be a given!!

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