Department of Diminishing Standards: Journos Toss Rules

If you were wondering why the news business seems to have gone all in on anti-Trump agitprop, including a long list of demonstrably false stories (lately the venerable Associated Press), you need look no farther than shopworn Watergate icon Carl Bernstein.

His latest statement is a peek behind the curtain the the DC/NY based news business.

Bernstein is calling for “a different kind of reporting” to counter a “malignant presidency.

From what we’ve been seeing at CNN and others, Bernstein’s advice is actually following not leading the practice of reporting these days.

The willingness of major news organizations to countenance such malpractice as the grotesque errors at CNN, and purposeful baiting of the President at NBC indicates Bernstein is not calling for a change in reporting standards but simply observing what is well underway.

We are now well beyond the point that it is a shocking allegation to say the news media is on a campaign to unseat the President.

And the results of the media campaign to bring him down are right there on the front page, just as they have been planning all along.

The impeachment train has started to move down the tracks and the media goons will not be satisfied until they finally get their way.

It’s up to voters to make sure the 2018 midterms are not a door opener to taking down the President.




13 Replies to “Department of Diminishing Standards: Journos Toss Rules

  1. I have watched the fake news allegations from Trump for a while. At 1st I was skeptical but now I am a true believer. I do however also believe that Trump knows mostly what he is doing with the media. He is toying with the media and using it for his gain.

  2. Let’s be candid here: Trump’s mean-spirited tweets and his constant lying go much further in undermining him than all of the worl’s media.
    All his closest allies have asked him to stop it, but lying and tweeting are in the nature of the beast.

    1. Enough with the “constant lying” narrative already! Name the latest Trump lie of consequence. Does it even come close to “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor – if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”? How about the whopper about the attack at Benghazi was prompted by a video? Did you complain about those lies, which did have serious consequences?

  3. The left has been brainwashing , indoctrinating , and just plain dumping socialist propaganda on the youth of America since the mid-50’s (full force since the early 60’s). We now have several generations who have fallen into the “I DESERVE” mode. No longer is work ethic, paying your own way (it’s a “they owe me” attitude), what can I do to better America (it’s “what do I get out of America”) the norm. We’ve allowed the main stream media to dictate the conversation and allowed incivility to dominate it’s actions. The majority of Americans are not crazy radical… but we have allowed that minority to dictate what and how the majority must think and act. They refuse to accept that Americans elected a President, a House and Senate that are Conservative and for the most part Constitutionalist. They refuse to even listen. The lost and they are angry!

  4. As was stated above, all we who voted for Trump can do is continue to fight to make sure the left doesn’t win- they tried before the election to beat him- they failed- but like true liberals, they won’t give up- so we can’t either- defend the Constitution- fight for democracy- if the libs win- they are angry, bitter, hateful sore losers- if they win, America is lost.

  5. The fact that Bernstein, the unrealpolitik, reaching relic with one ossified presidential scalp to his credit, chose to opine at all is a little embarrassing. It also verges on the desperate. It’s as if the left know they’ve got nothing of substance and are going to their geriatric bullpen.
    I cannot remember such vehement, naked aggression toward a duly elected president since the leftist rants agsinst Reagan. And that 80s version was mild by comparison to savaging of Trump.

    The absolute joke of course is that, prior to 18 months ago, you couldn’t convict Trump of latent Republican tendencies, let alone jave the temerity and brand him a conservative. Now, to hear most media ORGANS say it, he is Atila the FREAKIN’ Hun.

  6. The mere fact that the Dems dredged up and dragged out the unrealpolitik, rancid relic Karl Bernstein is tantamount to admitting they have nothing. They apparently thought that they were consulting the ossified oracle of DC in hopes of bolstering their trumped-up charges.

    The only signs of cancer here are malignant mainstream media mavens lile him.

  7. Nixon’s only crime was being Republican.
    If he had been a Democrat, there would have been no Watergate or Woodward & Bernstein.
    The MSM would have kept Clinton / Lewinsky and John Edwards quiet but Drudge and the Nat’l Enquirer ruined their plans. Same way they protected all the Kennedys.
    These people run cover for Democrats and go for the jugular on Republicans. They went to Alaska in a swarm to go through Sarah Palin’s garbage cause she had to be taken down, but they ignore the Clintons selling state favors in exchange for donations to the CGI… they ignore dirty Loretta Lynch and Stedman regularly obstructing justice to protect the Clintons and Obama.
    Dirty, dirty, dirty.
    You can’t get onto a university paper unless you’re a liberal.
    You can’t get a job in a newsroom unless you’re a liberal.
    Bernstein did what he did to Nixon because he’s a liberal.
    He’s so liberal… and he hates Trump so much… that he’s willing to throw away the illusion that he’s a great, unbiased journalist… and let the world know that he’s a partisan Democrat.
    He’s going Cronkite / Rather in front of our eyes. Another one who just can’t help himself.

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