Gibson Show Reunion: John, Angry Rich, Christine, and Bob Together Again!

They said it couldn’t be done. Angry Rich was too angry. Bob would never make it past the call screener. Christine simply didn’t have the patience. And John could no longer hit the high notes. For years, the fans of The John Gibson Show had been begging for a reunion. And today, for the final broadcast on the Fox News Radio network, the band was finally back together, and they did not disappoint.

Starting Wednesday, July 5th – The John Gibson Radio Show will be moving to the Genesis Communications Network (Channel 5), broadcasting live to various affiliate stations across the country and streaming over the internet worldwide.

Weekdays, 12 – 3:00 PM Eastern

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21 Replies to “Gibson Show Reunion: John, Angry Rich, Christine, and Bob Together Again!

  1. I was hoping for C and Rich to do or to replay one of their readings from eye-rolling Lefty blogs, with great dramatic emphasis. One of the funniest things the Gibby show ever did…despite the need for massive “blippiing” of the multiple profanities inevitably involved.

  2. What a wonderful finish to absolutely the best show on all of talk radio.
    John thanks for continuing to headline a show that is informative, entertaining and yes, once in awhile exasperating. You are the best!
    Christine, thanks for the wonderful producer you have turned into in addition to being a neat person. Although I will admit I found myself screaming to myself at times “How can she be saying that! No one can be that uninformed.”
    Bob and Angry Rich just added to the many wonderful memories. Bob was a true genius at selecting song and clips. I am so glad his career at Bloomberg is going so well. Angry Rich was exactly the right producer when you were first getting started.
    His rants often set me laughing so hard that tears were doming out of my eyes. And Christine arranged for many of my favorite callers today so it was a truly wonderful show.
    I’m looking forward to next version of Gibson Radio. Have a wonderful Fourth John. I’ll be listening on the 5th.

  3. Totally disagree with Fox for their decision – you guys did a great, entertaining, intelligent show. Will check with – hm…what was the name of that website??? Oh, yeah –!

  4. You’ve always had a great show but that original crew was “lightning in a bottle”. It was great to have them back together again, I hope your new incarnation is a big success, I’ll be listening

  5. Looking forward to the future. Fox definitely made a mistake. Hope all the dumbasses continue to call in. You know of whom I speak. Hint, Phillip, who sees everything in black & white but mostly black. Lol. Love the fact you tackle any subject. Nothing is off limits. No PC BS. Love you John.

  6. What a wonderful crew! John, I’ve been watching, listening to you since your days @ MSNBC & the OJ trial. I will continue to listen to you. I just downloaded the Genesis Communication app. If that doesn’t work, I will listen to you from your online site. I wish Christine could still be you Producer. I love the bantering between the both of you.

  7. John, A.R., Christine, Bob, little Meg, background techs, CALLERS, guests and guest hosts all contributed to the success of the show! I couldn’t stand talk radio until I tuned in one day many years ago. Bit of a late-comer, but when I heard Gibson for the first time, I was hooked. Daily at my desk from noon to 3, it was John, John, John. My Massachusetts co-workers (need I say more?) well that made for some interesting times in the office. From them overhearing John & Co., your show informed, taught and yes maybe even swayed some MA minds! And oh the hoots & howls over the years, good times. You guys were the funniest ensemble on air! Best to everyone.

    Noon to 3 at my desk, it will still be John, John, John!

    In the words of Little Peggy March….I will follow him….look it up Christine:)

  8. I hope I can locate where to podcast his show. I don’t know what Fox was thinking.
    Gibson is interesting without being obnoxious, anD Christine his perfect foil.

  9. John thought I had lost you forever when xm dropped fox radio, it was real satisfying when I caught up with you again on simple radio app. Traveling the 200k ayear as a truck driver it’s very hard to catch you on local talk radio. Glad you have your own live stream now. Everyday will be more education for rational people. Thank you for your insight. I find myself thinking that’s exactly how I see it. MAGA from NC

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