Further Proof Of The Media’s War On Conservatives

CNN’s John King has revived an old insult leveled against Fox News during the George W. Bush years.

At that time Fox was pilloried for not actively opposing the Iraq War, as the rest of the media had decided was the only proper journalistic course. In those days, anti-Fox reporters and editors (so-called journalists) snidely referred to Fox as “State Run TV”.

Then came the Obama years. The anti-Bush news media turned on a dime and became lap-dog media for a President they thought could do no wrong, or very damn little wrong. Sometimes, but not often, even Obama seemed to be embarrassed by the gobs of slobber the media left on his suit.

They sat transfixed as he waxed on for fifteen minutes to answer simple news conference questions.

They ignored scandals like Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, and the mother of all Obama lies, the “if you like you plan, you can keep your plan” health care bill you and I both know as Obamacare.

Now comes the Trump era and these media types have “woke”. Now they are back on their oppositional footing, fighting Trump at every turn, insulting him at any opportunity, and working hard with the Antifa Democrats to run him out of office. They sense the mood of the left in this country and they know it is a motivated cohort of disappointed (no, crushed!) and angry (no, furious!) voters (no, didn’t vote but still pissed!), and thus are a gold mine of ratings (tv) and subscriptions (Washpost, NYT).

So to double back to the opening of this piece, here comes John King of Obama idolizing CNN. Now he calls Fox “state tv” .

Pravda is state run media, Al Jazeera is state run tv, the BBC might as well be state run tv. Fox News is not.

It is true that Fox is more conservative than most other media in this country, but that does not make it an arm of the government. Instead Fox is the last place on television voters can see a point of view that isn’t hard left, and isn’t in the business of purposefully targeting the Republican President for a noose (investigations) and a sturdy tree (impeachment).

So from a long time Foxie to a longtime CNN apparatchik: John King you are an insufferable hypocrite.



5 Replies to “Further Proof Of The Media’s War On Conservatives

  1. Has the worm turned?? Pres Obama knew about russia… So much for trump collusion… Bernie being investigated by the fbi… Now trump going hard after Hillary for colluding with sec Lynch… How quickly things can change…

  2. Maybe John King didn’t get the memo that Fox has been working overtime to undermine Trump since day one. Other than Hannity and Dobbs, the most you can say about Fox is that they trash Trump a little bit less than the other networks.

  3. ..and now the FBI has been called into question..
    Can there be a impartial investigation…court proceeding….or even the IRS…Gibby those records straight….purge..drain the swamp,whatever you car to call it….it must be done,if you cant be professional you must be removed….Muller

  4. Now that you’ll be off the Fox News Feed Bag, perhaps you can assess the “careers” of Sean Hannity and the crew of poodles at Fox & Friends, and tell me that those particular “shows” are not arms of the Trump Administration’s media propaganda group.

    Fox has always been about bilking the dimwitted older white population out of their money for comfy pillows, hearing aids, erectile dysfunction products and of course getting those folks to buy gold. Fox has always been about division (political, social) in the pursuit of ad dollars. And the other networks have followed (as you correctly state). You do remember that Sean Hannity, a Fox star of sorts, used to have on his radio program his own take on the bible and Christian stories. Why? He liked to report on the comings and goings of Jesus? Glen Beck is another one. Wow.

    Fox has changed in the last 12 months largely due to the Murdoch’s interest in expanding into markets that are a bit more rational, less emotional (Sky News)… Trump has been a boon to business, though. Everyone is obsessed with this car wreck. That’s money in the bank.

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