News for listeners and fans of the John Gibson Show

After 17 years of television and radio at Fox, I am leaving the company. My last live show will be June 30th.

But I’m not finished on the radio.

Following that last show on Fox, fans of the John Gibson Show can hear me on live stream and podcasts at


Since I learned I’d be on my own, I’ve been investigating the new technologies in radio. The system I’ll be using will allow you to hear the show live, or a podcast of the show. I’ll also be doing Podcast Extras as well—interviews with authors, for example.

Call ins? Yes!!! As of July1st…the new toll free number is 877-317-6432. Ricki don’t lose that number.

We’ll also have a voice mail which you can use to leave fulsome praise or—even better—a complete takedown of the host. Y’all know I love that stuff.

Bookmark the website — — and subscribe to blog updates, you’ll get email notifications when there’s a new opinion piece.

Working for Fox on television and radio has been the highlight of my many years in broadcasting, and I offer my sincere thanks to all the great people who have helped me over the years.

But it’s time to move on.

Come along. It’s going to be a fun ride.

88 Replies to “News for listeners and fans of the John Gibson Show

  1. Gibby,

    Wow! I learned awhile back if I don’t catch your show from 12-3 every day I get the “GIbbyDT’s”.
    I don’t know if it’s congratulations or I’m sorry, but either way, thanks for all the great work, I have really enjoyed your show for many years. Christine, Jake, et al, just AWESOME!

    Look forward to hearing more from you John.

    All the best,


    1. It won’t transfer your subscription, but we’re working as fast as we can to iron out the details of a podcast that will be convenient to access. I’ll try to get some info on how Fox plans to handle the existing subscriptions, including (I would assume) partial refunds for prepaid subscriptions.

        1. I’ve been a yearly subscriber from the beginning. I’m going to miss everyone there. Will definitely try to get new podcast. What will happen to the 5 months I still have on subscription?

      1. Got an email today about transfering to a 4 show podcast … but I will cancel mine on the 4th for i really dont like the other shows and will await the news on Johns new RSS feed to put in the ole Podcastaddict app

    2. If you haven’t already received the notification, Fox has sent out notices letting people know that they are going to migrate subscriptions to their other shows (which obviously will not include John’s new show.) You would need to cancel the subscription with Fox News Radio in order to avoid being billed. I think it’s disappointing (and not all that surprising) that they’re going to continue to bill people who may not realize they’re still being billed for shows they never signed up for. Here is the notice:

  2. As a senior citizen like John, I sure will be glad when the dust settles on this and the other former Fox talkies as they head out to make their way in the world —–Again !!

  3. Sorry to hear that you’re leaving FOX, however, I will be following your podcast for sure! Just tell me where to sign up! You’re the one show that I never miss. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    Loyal Listener,

  4. John…extrmely disappointed to hear you are leaving fox??…I started truck driving about a year ago and love listening to your show on the road…if this is a fox move to root out conservative hosts like yourself shame on fox! I know you probably can’t or won’t comment on why you are leaving but fox will be in trouble if they are to blame…their supporters will drop them like a rock…I will for sure if true…I subscribed on your website so I won’t be left high and dry…keep up the good work and God bless you!

  5. When that satellite company dumped the channel John was on, I dropped them and started streaming with the very buggy fox news app. Guess I can finally get rid of that buggy app and listen to you on whatever you move too. Please don’t go to tunein though, they do 10 minutes of ads everytime you try to stream a show there.

  6. Sorry to hear the news of the change but I’ll continue to follow you on your website as well as FB. I’ve been listening to you close to 10 years dating back to the Angry Rich days as well as Bob after Rich left; you have great chemistry with your team, you’ll have to get Christine on as a guest moving forward.

  7. Sorry that you’re leaving FOX. I’ve enjoyed your company all this time. Except for your wanton murdering defenseless skunks, you’re OK in my book.

  8. I’ve been with from day one John,seems to be something in the water,all these big changes at fox,I have to follow you I need my Gibson fix.

  9. Will continue to follow you.. have been a podcast subscriber for 7 years (once Sirius took Foxnewstalk off the air) and listen everyday , the NEXT day and love the show as much as I did the first time i tuned you in around 2007…. Additionally you have inspired me to do my own podcast which I have been doing for 16 months … Will continue to pay the price of admission if necessary for the podcast and will listen until you hang up the mike. Fox’s loss IMO the listeners will continue to listen on whatever platform you choose… just dont do a youtube channel to cliche ….

  10. Sad. I have also been a long time listener. I’m in your generation so I appreciate your curmudgeonness! Please put your podcast on iTunes so I can download for my old lady walking exercise. I’m looking forward to your next venture!

  11. I have been an avid listener and podcast subscriber since the beginning. I have been to Gibbyfest and will continue to listen on the way home on the new podcast. The only reason I had subscribed to fox was to listen to Gibby anyway, so not logging into fox makes no difference to me.

    Is Christine coming along for the ride too?

  12. BTW TOM STARNES???????????????????????????????????

    Like the dude but he is no Gibby and I can’t believe they thought that was the right answer…………. wow heard it today during your show as a ad on the FOXNEWSRADIO APP…… Sad day…………. I hope angry rich, bob come back for a last show reunion

  13. From here in UK so sad to hear you leaving Fox! Over here a Liberal is a rabid right winger according to most media, Bernie would be a soft lib at worst, so we need a true Conservative voice like yours! What’s the news about Christine as love the double act!

    Stay true John!

  14. I listen everyday! You by far are my favorite — I will be following your podcasts for sure! Your the best and I hope you still have your son on daily!

  15. John,

    Enjoyed you on tv and radio for years and have been a premium member of your podcast for years! Will be following you to your new format and platform. All the best in the transition! Gotta have more Gibby!

  16. John,

    Enjoyed you on tv and radio for years and have been a premium member of your podcast for years! Will be following you to your new format and platform. All the best in the transition! Gotta have more Gibby!

  17. John

    As many of your other fans have said, I also am a listener from the beginning after you replaced Tony Snow on Fox Radio when he went to the White house and became a subscriber as soon as they started doing your podcasts, before then I recorded off the air through my computer and saved the show as MP3 files and my wife and I listened during our daily commutes the following day.
    Will be following along with you though and have already subscribed at
    You did not say what hours you would be broadcasting live, have you decided yet?
    We are actually looking to move to Texas in the northern part of the state since we have retired and may ask for recommendations on how to run a small ranch.

  18. Been listening to John since the MSN days- always enjoy his show- so funny! – I hope I can still listen to him on my phone at work- I think Fox started to narrow their perimeters on him, and he needs the freedom to be himself- I look at Fox everyday on tv, but they need to be careful- don’t let the pc libs chase away your audience!

  19. Sorry to hear of the change but glad you will still be on. I will be following! I too get “GIbbyDT’s” as someone previously stated. Next step: Delete Fox News Radio App, Subscribe to John Gibson!

  20. Satalite radio fan since 2006(ish) and switched to podcast in 2008 when I moved overseas. Major bummer, and HUUUGE loss for Foxnews. Best talk radio show on the air! Good luck John (and Christine)!

  21. Never listened until the Republican primaries. Followed the whole election process for the first time while listening to you and Kilmeade. Now I can’t stop listening. I’ll still tune in to Kilmeade, but even when I’m to busy to listen to him, I always make sure to be back at my desk for the John Gibson show. I will continue to be a faithful listener, and one of these days I am going to call in.
    Fox made a big mistake. I’m sure Todd Starnes is a great guy, just not someone I want to listen to for 3 hours of my day. Best of luck. You and Jake are the best.

  22. John
    I live in Japan and I download your show and listen to it the next day and have been a premium member from the beginning. It really is the best thing out there and you really keep me informed and entertained. You really make a difference. Looking forward to your new show. Good luck with it. Will have to cancel my Fox subscription.

  23. I can’t believe Fox is letting you go. I am a premium member and I listen every day, I can’t believe Fox is letting you go! Its their loss! First Alies, then O’Reilly and now Gibson!

  24. O’Reilly, now Gibson. My two favorite hosts on Fox are now gone. What is going on over there? Premium member will follow you on is Christine staying with you?

  25. I had to figure out what was going when listening to current promos and not hearing your show. Not so easy to unravel listening from Australia. So anyway, you should know I listen in the small hours of the morning here not because I have conservative views but because your program was interesting and entertaining! Suggest you’ll do well wherever you go and will follow along too. By the way – in this country you’d be a Gibbo, not a Gibby and a Johno, not a Johnie … Go knock em dead. PS. Fox? whoa, what were you thinking?

  26. I subscribed to the podcast and I will absolutely be signing up to listen on your website. I look forward to hearing your opinions every day and I’m happy to hear you will be continuing the show outside of the FOX umbrella.

  27. John, for the first time ever I will become a Premium member so I can continue to listen to your show each and everyday. I have been with you from the very beginning and also as a member of the senior generation ( but prefer to act my shoe size – 8) , I laugh and learn each day with you. Your show, for me personally, is the best and most informative talk show on radio. I am thrilled you are planning to continue with your career – I will be with your show the rest of my life. I have never called in, but I am sure there are many of us out here who are the same and are true fans. Thank you so much for your hard work on educating all of us, and what sounds like your enjoyment of what you do in this wonderful country of ours.

  28. I have watched you in the very early days of Fox News and of course the radio as well. Loved your show then and now. My very best to you Mr. Gibson in your new indever. I will continue to listen and follow you during the next year’s.
    My heart felt thanks for all the great programing you have brought to us though the years.
    The best of luck and may “God truly Bless” You Sir.
    – Paul (Florida)

  29. John,

    Sitting up north in Newfoundland, listener since Sirius in 2005. Wonderful having you and your crew as part of my day.
    Never called in, but found myself talking to you (to myself) and underscoring your insightful perspective.
    You and your listeners continue to move through life….turn the page, we cannot live in our past.
    Will continue to listen as long as you continue to send a signal.
    You are indeed very good at what you do……cheers….dave

  30. John my friend I will follow you as long as I am able!!!! I will do my best to refrain from vulgarities on air and I sure hope you are taking Connie with you! Just an old uneducated white guy in Havasu wishing you the best success as ever! You got my number!

  31. I just heard one of your callers mentioning that your show was ending this month. I hope this is a decision you are making and not one being imposed on you. I guess that context will be made clear in time.
    Right with you during the Romney primary times and your clarity about the spoiler Gingrich campaign. In lock step with you when you threatened to move to Paris if Trump got the nomination. Parted company with you on what seemed to be Hannity-like blinkers on the deficiencies of DJT both as candidate and POTUS. However your program has been fun, informative,loved the callers and Christine, and I hope to continue with you in the new era. As Yankee fan of long standing this is something like a Derek Jeter leaving the field moment for me. Onward and upward.

  32. I listen to your show everyday at work and You and Tom Sullivan just make my day. i will defiantly be listening to your show. fox has another thing coming if they think they are going to keep listeners.

  33. I’ve been along for the Big Story and the past twelve years. Every morning you are on my 4 am run. I have no plans in changing my routine. I must admit, the changes at Fox News and Radio have not made me very happy. This is the most distressing to me.

  34. Sad day for Fox – and I too will sign up for the paid Gibson podcast… Did the same for Dennis Miller – as we couldn’t tune in to him in Canada. But he’s retired (downloaded 4 years of his podcasts – and am up to February 2013- and John Gibson was my only go-to show left). Fox is circling the drain – although some of the remaining folks are worthy, we all need another conservative network and radio presence (on commercial radio). Dumped Sirius in all vehicles when they dropped NewsTalk – and will dump Fox going forward. Will subscribe in the meantime – hope you get enough paying customers to bring Christine back onboard – she was a great foil to you John! Will miss Christine a whole lot – even in Canada, can’t read a Vodka label ever the same way. Happy Canada Day and Independence Day – in more ways than one!

  35. John, thank you, you’ve been THE voice at Fox “talkin ’bout my g-g-g-generation.”

    We have already replaced our Fox bookmark with a one named “Gibby.”

    We’re looking forward to your new old show!!!

  36. John,
    I enjoy listening to your show every day at work. I will be following you. Thanks for being a voice of reason. You also make me laugh. Yesterday was a hoot.

  37. Am I the only one concerned that John won’t be able to get the same quality and quantity of great guests that he has in the past? I my opinion his interview subjects and his style of q & a are really what set him apart from the many talking heads. In particular I will be very disappointed if Mr. Stirewalt and Ms. Bartoromo do not make their normal and regular appearances. Won’t you be too?

  38. John fox made a huge mistake letting you go but I’m glad you’ll still be on! I can’t wait to listen to the new show! I’ll miss Christine too, I hope Fernandez and all your liberal callers still call in. You have a great fucking show and I’ll be listening everyday.

  39. I stumbled upon your show at the time Obama got elected. Living in a very liberal town, your show was a soothing voice to help me through those years. I swear your team saved me from despair!! Thank you for all the comforting years and I am definitely becoming a premium podcast member on your new show, just as I was on fox….just love your insight. I also love Christine. It was so entertaining having a millennial as a side kick to your seasoned view. I hope she comes with you… you both!

  40. I was gutted to hear you’d left Fox, but like others, I will be following you. I’ve enjoyed listening to you since your days at MSNBC. I have always found you to be fair and level headed even when I’ve not agreed with you on every aspect. You, sir, are a true professional. Thank you for be a reasonable voice on the airwaves/podwaves.

  41. Turned on Fox News Radio this week and heard some boring, awful dude talking to Christine. Sadly realized that you weren’t just on vacation. I will be tuning in here now. Fox is stupid.

  42. Been a listener since the MSNBC days and loved Angry Rich back in the day. I will become a member as I will continue to listen to the man the left hates and I love…..

  43. Anyone else thinking that Fox News is trying to trick listeners into listen to Starnes on Sundays? lol
    ON NOW:

    Next — 1pm: FOX News Sunday (Encore)
    Later — 2pm: Gibson Radio Best Of

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