CNN reporters and anchors and staffers are playing the victim big time. Today, foreign correspondent Clarissa Ward claimed that Trump’s attacks on the media, specifically CNN after it got […]
    • Further Proof Of The Media’s War On Conservatives
      CNN’s John King has revived an old insult leveled against Fox News during the George W. Bush years. At that time Fox was pilloried for not actively opposing the Iraq War, as the rest of the […]
    • Democrats Are Forming The Nancy Pelosi Firing Squad
      Democrats go their rear ends handed to them again. That Georgia election was the capper. Tons of money, Trump bashing galore, but once again not even close and definitely no cigar. If you’d […]
    • News for listeners and fans of the John Gibson Show
      After 17 years of television and radio at Fox, I am leaving the company. My last live show will be June 30th. But I’m not finished on the radio. Following that last show on Fox, fans of the John […]