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Was George W. Bush really the worst president in American history? Was the Iraq War really the biggest foreign policy blunder of all recorded time? Did Bush really steal the 2000 election, make war on civil rights, torture innocent goatherds, and prove America's racism during Hurricane Katrina?

Or, are you looking for autographed copies of How the Left Swiftboated America or Hating America

How the left Swiftboated America.

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 Thursday, March 05 2015 @ 03:08 PM EST
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Gibson to visit Glenn Beck

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General NewsJOHN GIBSON will be on the "Glenn Beck Show" Friday December 18, ready to give him some advice and to discuss the concept of John's newest book " How the Left Swiftboated America"

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General News

We have been waiting patiently for John Gibson's newest book which will surely get every Liberal up in an uproar after reading it.....But they better read it before they make speedy judgments and accusations.

John has a solid view of world history, US history and an extensive background in journalism. In Bookstores soon.

If you want a personalized copy for Christmas, check on the web site to order one. You can also get copies of John's other bestsellers here.

Seen John Out and About Lately ?????

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General NewsJohnGibson on a recent visit to Epcot in Florida meets a royal fan.

The War on Christmas and Hating America

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General NewsCan't Find John' Previous Books, Just Ask Us

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John Out & About

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General NewsJohn in San Francisco and the Bay Area

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The Show has a new Time Noon to 3 PM

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General NewsThe Radio show on Fox radio has a new time. John is in full active mode, ready to challenge his guests, viewers and listeners.

Got some thoughts you want to share, Call JOHN 1-866-868-6861 between 12 Noon and 3pm weekdays and speak with him in person. Its the best way to be heard.
Some local stations may carry the show at delayed times, so check. As always you can catch him on satellite radio.

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The John Gibson Radio Show

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General News

Today is the premiere of the new The John Gibson Show airing from 12 PM to 3 PM EST weekdays on many of the Fox Radio affiliates.

To find your local channel go to The John Gibson Show - Station Finder. If your area is not listed, get an email to Fox Radio to let them know you want to hear him in your area.

Naturally it can be heard over the internet by going to The John Gibson Radio site and clicking the link to listen live.

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